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2011-12 Blizzard Bonafide 187cm

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27 years old



130-150 days a year

I ski alot of everything but mostly freeski trees

I can turn left and right in various shapes and sizes on most parts of any mountain.



Snowbird on a storm day. hardpack groomers,chopped snow on hardpack, chopped snow on soft pack, and up to 8-12 inches of powder.




2011-12 Blizzard Bonafide



sidecut 21.5


A got to ski a full morning on this ski, it was very surprising I went into the demo thinking the 185cm Cochise was going to MY ski next year. The problem with the blizzards is they have probably 4-5 different skis that would appeal to most people. It is hard to choose.


Coming off the 185cm to the 187cm Bonafide the first thing I notice was it was slightly unstable and catchy. The bonafide is basically the Cochise shape minus 10mm at the waist. The sidecut is much deeper. With-in a couple runs the Catchiness became pleasant quickness and tighter turns while still having the abilty to go mach schnell in open areas. It might actually be more stable on edge at speed than the 185 Cochise, it is not however more stable in variable chop when you need to cut speed down in a hurry.


The Bonafide is still a downright charger and was eating up what snowbird was giving is that day. It was a big enough platform to launch some large airs and come away clean, it floated enough to make weird off trail conditions easy, it carved the hardpack as well my own 180cm Bushwacker but with a MUCH MUCH higher speed limit while still being pretty forgiving. the biggest thing for me is on hardpack it did not hurt my legs like the 108mm Cochise's did everyone is different but some wider skis REALLY torque me a framed knees on hardpack, the bonafide did not.


There were no real bump runs to test this thing out on but it was quick in the trees, not as forgiving as the flatter cambered 185 Cochise but still had the ability to smivot when needed.  It was quick enough be a ski I could use on the east coast.


I have a real dilemma now, its what to get for next season.  Currently Blizzard does not have a truely ideal east coast tree skis for large amount of powder, but I hated my east coast quiver at the bird. they are making some wonderful allmountain skis that charge though.  Right now I am leaning towards getting a 187cm Bonafide for general skiing on any coast and will hope to pick up a 193 Cochise before I am back out west for the spring.  At the bird my 183cm Katana, 180cm Bushwacker, and 177 "the one" were are underwhelming due to short length. it was frustrating watching lesser skier pull away from and stomp airs due to the right size skis.


I also want to pick up a true didcated powder board and Ill be honest for stowe the Bodacious is NOT it.





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I enjoyed reading your review from May of last year (2011).


If you're still considering getting a new pair for this season ('12-'13) would you consider selling your '11-'12 Bonafides (Gray ski with Red bull logo)?





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