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I never noticed this thread before MWPete's bump, but it seems like a good place to put a favorite picture of my daughter at ~4 yo, maybe 5:





That's my head in the background, bent over fiddling with tele bindings.

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My niece turned 2 in late November. My sister had planned on getting her on skis this past winter, but she wasn't physically ready. She started to walk, not toddle, with a balanced stance in late April. She will learn this coming winter season. What we did do, was get her outside as much as possible to play in the snow. She was hesitant at first, but now loves it. Snow play is a great way to get them used to the cold and the wet. She now laughs when she falls down, gets snow in her face and when the snow got into her glove. She is really looking forward to learning this season. I've seen people use the Lucky Bums harness with kids as young as 3. It has a handle to lift them up as well as a pouch to store the leash, which is great for the lifts.


The most important thing is to keep it fun. As long as they enjoy it, they will want to continue to ski.

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