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Originally Posted by jimmy View Post

First trip to Colorado during ski season this year. Skied two days each at Vail in interesting conditions, Breckenridge without the crowds and Abasin. Honestly the during the first week of April crowds weren't an issue anywhere. There is something about Abasin that really feels like home to me.


Originally Posted by DSloan View Post

I got to add ABasin to my list. Man, what an awesome place. Can't wait to be there again at the end of this week. smile.gif


Totally agree.  My only visit to ABasin was for two consecutive days in 2010.  Besides the great terrain, scenery and low key-accessible vibe, I think the small to medium size of the ski area allows a visitor to own the place in a day or two.  Even if their ownership is just on the superficial, awestruck, quick-look-around tourist level.


First time in 2011:  Snowbasin, Powder Mtn, Brighton, Alta, Solitude. 

Utah, where have you been all my life.redface.gif  I fell for Alta hard. Really beautiful place.


Also, first time at Pico and Suicide Six in VT.  Caught Pico on an icy day with much of its terrain closed, and regretted not being able to more fully explore some of the advanced stuff.

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Went to Breck for the first time... had a blast.  Next year intend to back out to Colorado and hit Keystone, Vail, Aspen Highlands & Snowmass.

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After skiing at Gore Mtn for 25 years I finally got to ski nearby Hickory Ski Center in Warrensburg, NY. There is 1120 ft of vertical and 225 acres of slopes and glades. Lots of steep old school fun. It reopened last year. I cannot wait to return.

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Two new ones for me. Spent a week in Beaver Creek for the first time.  Skied there 3 days and 3 days at Vail.  I had been to Vail before back when in 77 when I was still pretty much a novice.  I didn't remember a single run.  I will now!


Also got to ski a new local area Snow Trails in OH.  The adult race program I am in scheduled a race there for the first time this season.  It worked out well for me as I took 1st place in my BB Vet division and earned my 2nd strike to get bumped to A Vet.  Now I got to race against the fast boys. 


Rick G

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I think I skied Big White for the first time last January. But I'm not 100% sure, because the fog was so dense that I could be anywhere... th_dunno-1[1].gif

Screen shot 2010-10-21 at 5.53.36 PM.png

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Deliberately stayed in SLC instead of up a canyon in order to check out places other than Alta.  First time at Brighton, Solitude, and Snowbasin.  Even though it was Feb, spring conditions with blue skies.  Not the best snow but perfect for exploring with my ski buddies and help from knowledgeable friends met online.  Alta remains my favorite in Utah, but would love to get back to the others with fresh snow one day.

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I skied lots of new places this year, but all of them were at Squaw.  I intend to repeat this each year until I get old.

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

(am I missing any?) [me scratching my head]


Yeah.  I don't see Homewood on the list - that's perhaps my favorite Tahoe resort - low key, uncrowded, good sized area with a HSQ.  What more could a flatlander want?


You might also want to visit Diamond Peak - worth a day trip, and if you get the Snow Bomb packet there's a cheap or free day there. It's not a big area, think of it as a one-lift hill with ~1800' of vertical and about a half-dozen distict ways down.



As for my new resorts this season, I count four:


Big Sky

Moonlight Basin

The Canyons

Wolf Creek / Wolf Mountain (Utah)


Moonlight is probably in my top 5 favorite resorts anywhere, and when I go back I'm sure I'll do a day or two at Big Sky 'cause it's there.  The Canyons and Wolf Whatever are eminently skippable.


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Wildhorse powder cat  (Ymir, BC)


White water (Nelson BC)




Breck (yes, really)




Alpine Meadows




Park City (really)

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Found a new creek in the woods at Steamboat (the hard way...)

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Ok, you've been and there and done that one!  No need to go back? biggrin.gif

Originally Posted by gregmerz View Post




Found a new creek in the woods at Steamboat (the hard way...)


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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz View Post

What'd you think?  Was most of it open when you went?  Any open glades?


I will ski glades in my next life...  I think everything was open the day I was there.  I thought the upper half of the mountain had some nice pitch to it, but the lower half was just like a long run out.   From the time I was there and from looking at their conditions page, it doesn't really seem like they let many bump runs form.


Fun place.  Very laid back.  Nobody there.  Just not my kind of place.


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skied summit lake in Manitoba for the first time this year, also Harp in Eagle River was new for me.  Not too successful in that department this season though.  


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Skied White Pass for the first time this year.

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Was planning on adding Jackson to the list this year but the trip fell through, pretty annoying, added alot of the terrain at Winter Park that ive never skied, almost all on Mary Jane. Planning on adding A-basin in June. Pretty much the only area that ive added is the old Libby Creek ski area that was run with a rope tow from '51 to '54, good snow and good powder, one heck of a hike to get there.

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KingGrump, you should plan on Abasin for Mothers day weekend.  We've got quite a group lined up and you'd be a welcomed addition!


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I skied at 4 new places this season




Mount Snow



I also spent a day exploring Spruce Peak at Stowe.

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I had my best ever new slopes season with 12 new and 4 repeats. 


Dartmouth Skiway, NH

Canon, NH

Bretton Woods, NH

Wildcat, NH

Sunapee, NH


Burke, VT

Magic, VT

Bromley, VT


Saddleback, ME

Sugarloaf, ME


Big Sky, MT

Moonlight Basin, MT


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I skied 5 new resorts this year:


Jackson Hole, WY

Grand Targhee, WY

Mt. Bohemia, MI

Snowbasin, UT

Solitude, UT

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I skied a record number of days (for me) this year, but only one at a new place. I put in:
50 days at SkiareaValchiavenna
4 cat days at White Grizzly Lodge
1 cat day at Retallack Lodge

And one day at a new place, which was OK as far as the skiing went, nice and homey, and a great deal, $200 for a day of catskiing, hard to beat that. But it's the ride in that really sets Wildhorse Cat Skiing apart:



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I skied five areas this year, with the only new one (keeping to the post) being Dodge Ridge.  Why Dodge Ridge?  I used a free ticket from SnowBomb or somewhere.  It is a smaller resort with the slow no-safety bar lifts most areas used 40 years ago.  It was relatively empty on a mid-week powder day.  It also has the best "cafeteria" food of any ski resort I've visited, and some of the friendliest people.  It is a nice "family" mountain close to the Bay Area.

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new places for me:  bridger bowl, whitefish, powder mountain, the canyons - totallly lame.. and lots of repeat places


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I hit Mt. Baker for the first time this year ... not bad. Not bad at all.

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Newly back to  alpine skiing after a 40 year hiatus so its easy to ski someplace new. This year, 2 stand out.


Lost Trail Powder Mountain on the Idaho/Montana border. 1800' vert. 1800 acres. Only open Thurs - Sun. so when we showed up Thurs morning, un skied snow had collecting for 3 days. Shared the powder with about 300 other skiers and the $35 lift ticket was reasonable. Oh, forgot, we got a 2 for one deal at a gas station on the way in. Took the chair and went into the BC on the 2nd day there.


Maverick in Montana. 2020' vert on 250 acres. Only open Sat and Sun. Hit it Saturday a.m. so un skied powder snow had collected for 5 days. There were maybe 50-60 cars in the lot at most all day. It was like having your own private ski area. I had to wait 10 minutes to get a picture of someone skiing down. Lift tickets were included in our lodging but regular price is $30.


I really really liked being able to ski untracked, fresh powder all day long.


Skied Tuckerman Ravine on 5/1. THAT was a party !!!


A little TR



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Originally Posted by wooley12 View Post

I really really liked being able to ski untracked, fresh powder all day long.

Nah, that sounds kind of, you know, monotonous.


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Skied in Sweden for the first time and it won't be the last. We went to Are 3rd week in April. The conditions weren't great with slushy and quickly disappearing snow but saw enough to want to go back when the snow is better. There's enough skiing for anyone with some decent piste skiing and the potential for lots of good off piste. We're thinking of looking at another area and incorporating some touring with resort skiing next time. Most of all it was friendly, relaxed and unpretentious, quite a contrast to much of the alps. People queue and there's no pushing and shoving. Quite a change. If you want rugged high mountains forget it but if you want a real outdoor lifestyle it's ideal. Reminded us very much of Canadian skiing.


Also skied the 3 valleys for the first time at Christmas. We've avoided it for years, concerned about crowded pistes and high prices. It was good to see it but I'm not in any rush to go back. Apart from anything else there are too many of us Brits there. As for the skiing, while there's some  great stuff, particularly off piste, the mountains are overrun with samey motorways. Good for high mileage but quite unmemorable.

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