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I haven't posted many tr's this year.  One big reason is leaving the camera behind many, if not most, days.  I spent a solid year focusing on photos in general.  This culminated with a couple of shows at a local wine bar and cafe during the winter.  Thankfully, I sold a number of prints at those two shows and was able to get my name out as a local photog for hire.  Beyond those paid gigs, my motivation waned.  I needed to remember what I truly love about skiing.  I needed to just go.


Of course a few photos were taken.  These, however, were often snapshots of the day.  Most inspiration came before or afterwards.  These are the shots that help me remember the season.  Some are repeats, but they represent the season for me, thus.


mt. rose wilderness














the friends

















as many know, we lost maddaroo at the end of january...  







this photo was taken on her last walk to the beach





we headed to the ocean the following weekend to remember the ol' girl in one of her favorite places...


sarah and dakota










el mar






but the storms returned, and so did Jake and I to the cabin...  this would be the first visit without jake's old dog or maddaroo...
























but the new school was there...








and they like skiing, probably more...





than even the grown ups do...









as the temperatures warm I become excited for what the mountains have to offer in summer...  my wife is pregnant and thoughts of farmers markets with her in sun dresses trump dreams of powder...  


until then we'll head up and hike and ski in t shirts and bbq after...  tomorrow's plan is corn skiing with the dogs followed by a baseball game...


as always


thanks for readin'



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Beautiful shots.  Thanks. icon14.gif

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Splitter, you da man. Just thinking, you need to change your handle to "Shutter" 

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Absolutely great shots, really enjoyed them. You know you have talent when a PBR can is a really good shot.

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Great pics.  Thanks for sharing.

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Most enjoyable!  Reflecting on season past.


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 I'm glad everyone has enjoyed 'em...  It was a pretty spectacular ski season.  I can't help but wonder if I should have shot more.  But those days when we strapped and clicked in and pushed off with our only worry or care being which trees to cut between are the real testament to the season.


@phil, you're no slouch, you had some nice shots in the gathering thread...


Thanks everyone.

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Originally Posted by splitter View Post




and they like skiing, probably more...



^Great shots, but those are my two faves. 


RIP Madderoo.



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This is a great thread. Thanks for posting the pics and the reflections. Sorry to hear about Madderoo. Always hard to lose a member of the family.



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@JF, thanks for stoppin' in...  the alpen glow on incline was one of the prints that sold...  it looked awfully nice printed 16x20 on metallic paper...


@D, thank you for commenting.  I appreciate it...  Maddaroo was a bit of a surprise, but only how quickly she turned...  she was 14, we had a feeling it would be this year...  Jake (the bearded fella) lost his dog this last year as well...  It's been fun with the new kids...  some things stay the same, some are different, but we have fun with the new school, and they wrestle a hell of a lot more than maddie and bob did


we were up a little (okay a lot) to early for corn snow yesterday but those two didn't care, they just wrestled on a mountaintop like it was a dog park, they are better buddies than ol' maddie and bob

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awesome freaking photos!

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thanks josh, it looks like you're having one hell of a winter and trip to utah as well


thanks for keeping the tr forum hummin'

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Great photos. Maybe you could teach the rest of how to take a decent pic!  wink.gif

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Corn is taking its time this year, eh?


As always readin' and re-readin' your TR's is a pleasure.


Thanks for sharin'

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Hey Trish, 


it's takin' a bit...  Nice seeing you in the shop the other day...


I had some nice corn slummin' it at Rose yesterday... 


Hot recently, gonna make it down to the river festival?


I hope it stays cold until the 20th when I make it down to the east side for 4 days...



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Sending quality stoke back to the top of page 1 where it belongs

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