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313 mm shell or smaller

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I was curious reading some of the shell sizing questions so I traced and measured my foot in a thin dress sock.


Foot measured length - 273 mm

                       width-    85 mm


Curently in a 27 Head Raptor boot . When I pull the liner out and stick a small diameter dowl behind my heel with my toes in the front of the boot I have what I would descibe as no more than a finger's width behind the heel . The dowel measured width is approx 1/4 in.



I still think I could get a 26 shell (303 mm?) to work with some stretches and punches. My concern is I have the "pump bumps" on my heels and I had a lot of grinding done in a previous boot (Atomic CS 26 Shell) and I still had a lot of rubbing in that area.


Last thing, I think as narrow as my foot is I could also benefit from a 95 last on width versus the 98 I currentlu am in.


Thanks for your inputs.

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forget tracing your foot---measure with heel just touching against wall with foot on measuring tape---how long?

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10 7/8 inches long

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(10 7/8) inches = 27.6225 centimeters


so ya,  odds are a 26 shell will be doable, but I would start with a narrower shell in 27 and see how that fells first.   You want 5-10mm between your heel and the shell of the boot (when your toes are just touching the front of the shell), and with your foot centered in the shell, light pressure on the sides of foot.


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Thanks Mt. Lion. I 'm going to look into the 95 shell for next year and stay with the 27 shell . As far as I can tell the space behind my heel falls in between what you are recommending..

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Many shops grind low in the heel pocket to reduce pressure on heel spurs.  Often it results in increased pressure.  The correct technique is to grind the shelf above the heel pocket so that as your foot slightly lifts when you pressure forward your heel does not contact the boot as hard.



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