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We have a new Articles section at EpicSki! What's new is the way it's organized. Now you can find things easier with subject tabs and a "by tag" list on the left to get to your topic of interest. The articles have commenting and permissions, so you can limit who can edit your article(s) to just yourself, a small group, or anyone. The new article is automatically placed in the subject section from which you +Add an Article. 


One request: please title your article so people have a good idea what it's about. Clever titles are nice in some contexts, like the forums, but here clarity rules. 


Note that the "create a wiki from this post" button is gone. We learned that didn't work very well. If you find a potentially great article in a forum post, send me and or the author a PM and suggest it could have a second life as an article here. There are a lot of posts that could live on very well this way. 


If you have an article in you, please share it! Here's how: Epicski Article Tutorial