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Offer a payment system in "Ask the Boot Guys" to receive detailed responses

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My suggestion is to have an option to pay 5 bucks in "Ask the Boot Guys" to receive a thorough and timely reply to questions there.  Often threads there get ignored, or there are a series of abbreviated and incomplete responses from many different boot guys.


This would also be a way for the Boot Guys and epicski to make a little extra cash.


Just a thought.

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Probably be better to work it out via PM. Just PM a boot guy and work out some payment via paypal for a response or something like that.

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One obvious problem is that you and the "boot guy" may disagree on what is "thorough and timely".  (This is always a problem when paying for information.)  I could see this quickly becoming a huge headache if users start balking on payment.  If users prepay and then don't feel they got their money's worth, then they're unhappy.  I doubt Epic wants to get in the middle of that.


Also, IMO, unless you're asking a very specific question about a product or modification technique, the 'answer' to boot fitting question is usually "go see someone who knows what they're doing in person".

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$5 ??? You're joking, right?

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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post

$5 ??? You're joking, right?

Well, online you can pay $20.00 at some sites to receive detailed responses from physicians.  Do you think you are worth as much???  I mean right now you and other boot guys are doing as much as you do for free.


And Whiteroom, please don't be offended, but rather be flattered that someone would even consider paying for online advice from one of you.

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I'm not a bootfitter, but $5 seems more like an insult than anything.

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5 bucks from all the people asking boot questions throughout the season adds up, but fine maybe 10 or 15 bucks is better... not a cent higher... and for that the responses would have to be pretty darn detailed.

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First of all, I don't understand what is missing or what additional advice a fee could facilitate.  I haven't noticed any real lag time in getting questions answered over there.  And, the information provided usually appears to be the best anyone can do without actually handling the boots and feet in question. 


So, is the problem delays of about 12-24 hours to get a question answered?  Paying $50 probably wouldn't really speed that up.  Or, is the problem that the experts can't provide accurate advice over the intertubes in some situations?


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Well. like I said, in my personal opinion: some of the more detailed questions don't receive complete/detailed/specific replies, and often follow-up questions are ignored completely.  A fee could deal with this.


The one time I actually made the effort to photograph my feet, the boot guy who requested that totally ignored it, and another one offered an abbreviated reply that some users suggested might have been sarcastic in nature.


Maybe most people feel helped by the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum... I'm not sure how much mileage I personally got.  Oh well.

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Also not a bootfiitter, but I see the problem being that a small amount of money isn't worth the hassle of entering into a business relationship with someone that it's very hard to help over the internet.  People here provide a lot of free advice, to the best level that they can without seeing someone in person.  And if that advice helps, fantastic, they just did you a big favor.  But with bootfitting, sometimes you just gotta see the foot in person.  Without that, now the bootfitter has a potentially dissatisfied customer on their hands, because s/he can't adequate solve the problem over the internet.


If I was a bootfitter, I would happily provide free advice, but no way would I take $5 from you.  If I did, now your expectations are way higher, even though it's only $5, and that's just not worth it.

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If there were a 5 dollar fee, I would never have asked the question, and gotten the awesome advice to cut my custom foam liners and finish the fitting process on my old boots, which are now so much better than my new boots.


A $5 user fee is nothing to the rich, but a deterrent to the poor and an insult to a professional boot fitter.

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