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Hut trip in NZ August '11

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I am planning a trip to the South Island and am looking to do a hut trip.  Does anyone have experience with the hut system in NZ?  I am looking for a hut that is situated with a low degree of avy exposure for the approach and of course great skiing nearby.  Any information would help.  Thanks, 






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Better asking this here: http://forums.ski.com.au/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=postlist&Board=8&page=1


Would be awsome, but remember, most of NZ'd skiing is above the tree line, so very exposed.  September - October would be the best time of year.

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Sorry no experience in this area. It may be worth noting though that at some of the club ski areas you have a lot of access to backcountry , and each night you can come back to a heated lodge with dinner cooked and a bar. For example, www.craigieburn.co.nz

There are areas accessed from the top of the tow with a little hiking that feel very remote.  The skier numbers are low at club areas, between 150 and 200 is a busy day. Mid-week it can be less than 30 including staff. I had a mid-week powder day when there was only 17 of us on the mountain includiing staff.


Otherise look at www.doc.govt.nz for hut locations. Their site is geared to summer activities so probably does not have the info you require. 

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