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Silver Saturday 4/30

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Anyone planning on making it up this week? Silver Mountain is getting dumped on right now, 12" since last night and coming down hard. Another storm on Thursday night.


Didn't run into Cayuse last week :(  Maybe we can set up a meeting time/place for those who are going up this weekend?

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Doesn't look good for me.  Daughter has an event that I'm committed to helping with Saturday morning so the earliest I could be on mountain would be 11. 


Rumor is that this will be the last week regardless of how many people show up.  Last week was fantastic, count I heard was 3000  which is near Christmas time crowds for up there.  Shame that all that snow is going to go to waste.

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Bummer about the rumor 4/30 is the last day. Last weekend was the busiest I'd seen Silver all season. I hope they add a weekend or two, but I don't see them going into June this year.


Should be DEEP this Saturday though. Skinned up Mt Spokane last night and there was 2-3 feet of new snow (very heavy/wet).


If you think you might make it up PM me and we can exchange cell numbers or something.

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Mike, missed you Saturday.  Skied TE's lst thing ugly snow, then Heaven pretty good 10 ", over to Wardner and high traverse pretty good up top and pretty ugly down below.  South of Border was pretty good too.


Heck of a crowd, beer tasted good/better in the sunshine.  Talked to Jeff (gen mgr) and he said 30th will be it for the season even though there's enough snow and interest to take us well into May.


See ya Sat.    Pete

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Pete: I'll look for you in the lodge, if I can make it to rope drop on time. (boo I-90 road construction). Lodge looked so busy last weekend I didn't even go in for lunch.


Brought my Praxis Powder Boards up last Saturday and had a good time slaying the slush in the afternoon. Still deciding if I should try them again this Saturday or not..


I did end up finding some dry snow in the NF glades (top 300-400 feet was niceee) just after 9am and later off the backside of Wardner. (Hiked 4 times!)

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Talked to the Marketing Manager this afternoon at Bloomsday tradeshow.


He said the final call on extending Silver Saturdays would be tomorrow. Sounds like if they can get enough employees to commit to additional weekends, it may go on..

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Silver was epic today. Snow stayed dry (and it snowed all day filling in tracks). Best day I've had in awhile.


They will be open next Saturday, (gonna be out of town icon13.gif) and heard a rumor they will be open Sat/Sun of Memorial Day.

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Hey maybe I'll come up!  I finish work in Fresno at 2:30 and my Birthday is May 10th.  That's two excuses to go to Spokane and see the fam!

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Silver Basin at 2pm on Saturday. Wasn't expecting to find this untracked so late on a powder day. Doesn't look like April 30th does it?


We dropped down W-8 chute off Wardner Peak after this run leading down to Silver Basin again, completely tracked out. (someone followed our tracks rolleyes.gif)

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