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Lift in off season

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I'm curious...does anybody who maybe has worked on mountain ops know what resorts do to "summerize" the lifts? Do they just throw the switch and only attend them at some point during the off-season for a maintenence routine?

Have a great summer everybody!

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This link may interest you...



I don't know anything about it but think for fixed grips they remove chairs and replace a few parts like pins, bushings, nuts etc., then re-install the chairs in a different spot. Look up at the cable some time, you may see several colors of paint marking where the chair was. Then they slap a new coat of paint on the cable and r&r'd attachment which makes it EZ to tell if its slipping.


As far as the towers and bullwheels and power system components...???  My guess is there is quite a bit of maintenance. Perhaps its easier to maintain detachables.



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