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Intuition liner underfoot support

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Hi guys..How good is the underfoot molding and support on the various heat moldable liners such as Intuition?  I have a very high volume foot and have used various footbeds over the years and was wondering if I could, generally speaking, get enough underfoot support from a heat moldable liner without the reduction in volume that a footbed can sometimes cause. I realize that you can't comment very specifically without seeing my feet but I was just wondering in a very general sense.

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it can be done this way, but usually you try to find a boot that has room for both liner and footbed.


Try it without a footbed, and if that works for you (as you said, we can't see your feet/boots) great, and if you need a footbed a 3/4 length might be your answer/

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A custom insole in theory should help control elongation of the foot which can help with width/volume. Most heat moldadble liners have no support underfoot or just a stock insole with limited support.

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The Intuitions have the same heat moldable foam under foot so it will take an imprint of your foot.  The bad news is the imprint will not be corrective in any way and will mirror whatever anomalies your feet may present.  The foam is also cushy or spongy so the support is not firm and unfortunately does muffle the feedback and feel from the snow.  Intuition does offer a liner I believe with a non compressible stitched on sole which is a better option and works better with a custom insole.  I sell many of these liners but never without a footbed.


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Thx to all above for the input--some helpful advise there. I'm looking forward to getting back to something like the fit and performance of my old, packed out, re-padded, duct taped and super glued foam injected liners---gosh I loved those guys!

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if you like the stiffness of foam, why  not get another foam?


intuitions plugs are the closest to foam, but are thin, so the shell fit has got to be tight to make this work.  With a bigger shell, you can sometimes add some extra foam to fill in the gaps (Surefoots favorite trick)

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