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Skier's weight

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Often times weight is the standard by which ski length, width etc is calculated.  It never mentions how that weight is calculated. Weight is not much use unless it is defined. Are we talking bathroom scale buck-naked, dressed with jacket et al, all geared up?  I'm 145 on the scale. By the time I get all geared up (clothing, boots, etc, I've probably added another 20+ lbs. Is that the figure the weight # refers to?

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It's not an exact science.


Skier preference is part of the equation.


Don't worry about it.


I like long and beefy skis ;-)   i.e. 185-190cm 

And only ever weigh myself fresh from the shower



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I'd go with the entire skiers's weight (including boots/skis/bindings) since all these elements increase pressure per square inch on the base of the skis.

I've weighed my gear in the past and my skis + boots add an additional 23 lbs - an extra 12%. Throw in a damp ski parka, bulky ski pants and a few warmth layers and that's another 8 - 15 lbs depending on dampness (I'm in the PNW).

I don't think there's a specific formula that applies everywhere since you'd need to consider local snow conditions when & where you happen to be. Around here we don't get much 'real' powder and instead get Almost-Not-Heavy-Snow... For here, midfats seem to work fine except in the backcountry. For really light/dry snow you'd probably want to add a few extra square inches of support (length, width or both).

A 2006 post by Physicsman with similar considerations can be found here.

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Hmm... I would guess that most companies and/or fitters refer to your out of the shower weight or at least street clothes weight.  I've never tried standing on a scale while wearing all of my gear and ski boots, but it sounds tricky.

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before or after breakfast


before of after #1 or #2


before or after consuming so much of this Camelbacks water that I blow a kidney


before or after the next lesson


before or after there is some comment on someone who actually has enough experience to take a look at the ski and evaluate the flex and relative ability in this less than perfect of worlds (see Voltaire for this), and hazard an opinion without running to some chart that will only confuse the whole situation

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Suspect it's somewhere between buck naked in the am after voiding and doctor's office with clothes no shoes. Does not include boots, parka etc. But I like Yuki on this one, Voltaire's got the last word. Yes, I'm sure. 

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I agree with the other poster that said it's not an exact science so I wouldn't worry about it.  I prefer what tends to be a slightly shorter ski than some other women my height/weight even though I'm a pretty good skier.  I know others that would choose a ski longer than I even though they're lighter than I am.  It's personal preference.  

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Naked and dry.


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The only weight that matters is the weight that the ski "sees"....


so in all your gear ready to click in.....


Now, do we talk about January weight or April weight  wink.gif

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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post

The only weight that matters is the weight that the ski "sees"....


so in all your gear ready to click in.....


Now, do we talk about January weight or April weight  wink.gif

Y'know, in terms of the physics, exactly right. Yet wonder if that's what the charts or forms run on. When we have to specify our weight for something, do we add on 5-7 lbs for clothing and shoes? 20 lbs for ski gear and boots? I can only speak for forms like CDC height/weight/BMI tables, but they assume nekd. (Even though doctor's office is 4-8 lbs above that cuz of the clothes.) And suspect most people, who wish they were lighter than they are anyway, weigh themselves before or after the shower. So have a hunch that the ski recs/DIN tables assume bathroom scale weight. Then have a correction factor, like +20. If you put down your "on ski" weight, you'll come out pretty heavy then...No? 


Same issue about height, actually. Should we add on 2" or so for our boots? (Since we tend to overestimate our real height by about .5" anyway). And binders vary a lot, I have more leverage with a plate, so should add on that to height when buying skis. 


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Url- Reek-Ahhh


So now I get it.


Race skis are so stiff, because the " Weight the ski sees" is that of a skier at high speed standing on only one ski (outside mostly ;-)


On the other hand "Powder skis" are  soft, as the snow condition DEMANDS that the skier's weight be shared equally between the two skis.  And speeds and turn shape can frequently be less "loading"  Goes for bump skis too,  in a way.  Feet close together and all.


 R-S,  the ski does see the mass and momentum of the skier.  So do we talk about high speed arcs  wind pack,  or "swishing" groomed granular ?


Buy soft skis and "Ski naked"



(Not me of course,  that would hurt ticket sales.



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Exactly Cgrandy,

It's a variable where close inspection of all the skier's characteristics will be required ... like with this student. Clearly, this student has plenty of flotation.

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I am going on a diet so my skis will think they are longer.



10lbs = 3cm

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Skier's weight doesn't matter that much based on the charts.


skier's weight has about a 20-30# spectrum for each group

skier's height is 3-4" spectrum

skiers age is; 9 and under, 10-49 and 50+ (that's just ridiculous)

skiers boot sole length is about 20mm spectrum



174# in my birthday suit

5'7" barefoot

age 51

bsl 296

type 3

= DIN 6.5


The chart is set for 148-174#.  If I change it to 175-209# and don't change anything else, it still comes out 6.5  That's a 61# swing!  Unless you're putting on more than 61#, I would focus on skier type then height.  Everything else shouldn't be negotiable.  Play with the charts and you can see where the accuracy counts.  Maybe it should count more, but the charts say differently.



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