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Rear Entry Redux

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Once again I follow with incredulous amusement the debate among consumers who express a specific desire for a product and the industry "experts" who refuse to acknowledge the desires of their consumers.  Of course, I am referring to the disdain among those "in the know" toward anyone who has experienced the joy of skiing aggressively all day in varying terrain with pain free rear entry boots.  The absence of foot pain makes a hugh difference in performance.  Pain alters stance, distracts one's attention, and leads to tentative skiing - all of which diminish performance.


And, as anyone who has walked into a bar apes ski with ski boots can attest, rear entry boots attract attention.  They are so out of style, they are almost fashionable again.  I can them my "chick magnet ski slippers".


You manufacturers, won't you make some more for us?

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manufactures make what sells.  If people want something, companies will make it, and if rear entry boots sales are sliding (non-existace) then companies stop making it.   The good news is ebay and rental stores are FULL of cheap/free rear entry boots.


but what was said.




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Rear entry boots do not provide much lateral support for today's ski designs. Manufacturer's have and are trying to figure different designs that will help accommodate that rear entry customer.Look into the Atomic Live fit ski boots. They offer great comfort and have only to big buckles to deal with. They make the boot from a 70 flex up to 120 flex for performance skiers. We have fit with success plenty of rear entry skiers into this design.

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all that said, if a company was to come along and make a 1/2 way decent rear entry boot (say salomon with the SX92) then i sure as hell would have them in stock as there are people who cannot get comfortable in a 4 clip design boot no matter what you do


point is we are not the boot makers, we just fit them!

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