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Big Toe Banging Top of Boot

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I'm happy to report that I just finished skiing my second season of skiing (ever) on last year's brand new entry level women's Nordica One Sixty Boots. Also, I've taken approximately 40 hours of lessons. Two full days of which were private lessons. My boots/feet were fine as a beginner skiing last years greens/blue groomers, getting rid of the wedge and learning to carve turns. I think my boots fit properly. I don't think they are too big as they are actually a size smaller than the mondo charts recommend.  I did try on boots before buying so I felt I chose the right boot for me at the time.  My feet were fine this season skiing on an earlier trip out west including my first taste of 19" of fresh powder (the best day ever) and they survived many, many days of blue/black trails on east coast hardpack.  I probably have 120 hours ski time in my boots to date albeit much of it on easier terrain so I would expect a boot problem to have surfaced by now.


The boot bang issue occurred on our last trip for spring skiing in Colorado in the mashed potatoes and a day of level 7 lessons learning to ski the bumps and black terrain. After lessons I found my big toes were sore.  They weren't swollen or red, just sore.  The following days I wrapped my big toes with athletic tape and I was able to ski all 5 days (approx. 5 hrs or more every day).  However, a week after returning home both big toes turned black and blue down at the bottom of the nail bed left worse than the right- there is no brusing at the top of the toe. (left is my bigger foot too) Since I first learned to ski I find I am constantly lifting up my toes, but I've been told by instructors that this is normal???  My guess is that my toes are banging the top of the boot in the new more challenging terrain because I'm in the backseat.  I don't think its from sliding forward in the boot because I have no brusing on the front of the toe, but for all I know I could I be banging the front and get brusing at the base of the nail bed?  I think I'm buckled up tight, but maybe not tight enough for the more challenging terrain.


Your thoughts?



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1)  if your toes are hitting the top of the boot, from you lifting them up, then stop lifting them up..


2)  odds are your toes are hiting the front, but the hard toe nail, is getting pushed back in the skin under the nail, and causing the brusing to show thru the nail.


if you are hitting the length of the toes, and where not in the past, odds are it is fixable.   Your current demands are getting to be more then the fit of the boot, or you are pushing the limits of what you can ski, so are stilling back a bit, so jamming the toes to the front..


see a boot fitter,  get a custom footbed, make sure the heel is back all the way.

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