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Alternative Epicski Skin design

Poll Results: What should we do with the Epicski Color Scheme?

  • 30% (9)
    Stay with the current blue and white
  • 46% (14)
    Prefer the http://www.head-fi.org/ skin
  • 23% (7)
    Not important to me
30 Total Votes  
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We may have the option to use the same color scheme that is being used on another Huddler site if you think it would be easier to view and more in keeping with our traditional design.  Have a look at  http://www.head-fi.org/


What do you think of their skin? Would it be something Classic skin users would warm to more than the blue and white skin?  If we went this route, it would be the only skin option, the current Epicski Blue and White would merge into this style.


I have attached a poll to this thread, but feel free to elaborate on your answers.  Explore the Head-fi.org site and look at index pages, threads, product review pages and if you register, look at the editor.  Compare to the current color scheme on Epicski and make your decision.



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Just to clarify. The choice is between blue and white and the Head-Fi scheme. The purpose of the discussion is to retire the Classic skin and get down to one single skin, for economy's sake. 

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This question was posed to the Advisory Group.  The feedback so far is that the blue, softer colors and good contrast of the Head Fi site look like a good fit for us.  We'd like to get the community feedback whether this is a change you like or not. 


Also, considering changing the avatar image from 50x50 pixels to 100 x 100 to fill the space allotted for user names and badges.  When we migrated from vBulletin, Epicski did not use avatar images.  They have been with us a while, and making them just a little more visible seems to make sense.


It's your site, let us know what you want.

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That sounds sort of big?  I mean that will be four times the size and ergo four times the amount of pictures downloaded with every page, right?  Not an issue for me, but there are people who have slow connections out there.  Unless (haven't checked) you can turn that display off? 

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Well, as far as I'm concerned, all these skins are a big fail because there's no sane way to read posts with an 800-pixel-wide browser window.  This used to work.  Many of us have been complaining for a while now.  I'm starting to doubt Huddler's technical abilities.

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Originally Posted by Xela View Post

Well, as far as I'm concerned, all these skins are a big fail because there's no sane way to read posts with an 800-pixel-wide browser window.  This used to work.  


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Sibhusky, you can turn off avatars. Just go to your Profile; Account Details; Forum Preferences section; Check the 'Hide User Avatars' box.

I turned them off long ago as they provide no value and simply eat up bandwidth. They're just constantly repeating pictures that generally have nothing to do with the actual person. Even if they're actual photos of the person, in my view there's no need to see them with every post. It's nice to have a way to turn them off.

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Xela, that feature will be available in the very near future. Thanks for your patience. 

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The width fix is coming soon, but unfortunately, not this week.  Members will have to set the width preference in their profile, similar to what Michael describes for avatars.


Supporters also have the option to view the site without ads.  Also an option in your user profile / account details.


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The too wide screen width limitation issue was first brought up as a problem in August of 2010, it's been a long time.  I hope it's taken care of soon.

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I wasn't using the classic skin and had to remind myself why I wasn't using it.  The Head-Fi skin is much nicer and easier on the eyes.


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The Head-Fi skin is WAY better than our default blue and white, but I still prefer the Classic. I could probably live with the Head-Fi skin if I had to.

If August 2010 is a long time, how about the things we've been waiting for since February 2009?
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I voted for Head-Fi, but Classic is better than both even though it got darker (lost some contrast) a few weeks ago.

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If August 2010 is a long time, how about the things we've been waiting for since February 2009?

Would you like to remind us?

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The contrast issue was a mistake and is being (or has been) corrected.  Yeah, I thought conspiracy theory thoughts too.

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Originally Posted by nolo View Post



Would you like to remind us?

My personal favorites, in order - are a way to see only unread posts and a search that actually works - both of which existed pre-February 2009, but a quick read through the early posts in the feedback forum will show additional issues that still exist today that are probably of interest to others.
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Don't go to the bigger avatars.  That just means more space on the page is taken up by dead space, instead of stuff I want to read.

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SKI-3PO -- is this what you want?



The search on vBulletin got a lot of complaints too. It's something we always work on improving. 

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I agree with Ski3po & Richie - I still like Classic, but the suggested Head-fi theme is acceptable. 

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Keep the Classic


screw the bigger avatar

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April 28, 2011


Hi Epic Ski:


Voted for the Head-fi and can live with it, although like many before, I would prefer the Classic.  However, the amount of work involved in providing this choice is appreciated.


Think snow,




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I still like the restored classic better but I voted for the head-fi.  That site is easier on my eyes then the current epic blue and white.

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Originally Posted by nolo View Post

SKI-3PO -- is this what you want?



If the New Posts would give me only Unread posts, then yes. Or if there was another option in there for Unread posts only, then yes to that too.
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Thanks. I'll ask for it.

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OK, so they've fixed the Classic skin, sort of--the colors are improved, but now the header is wrong--the new "Articles" tab, along with the ESA tab and the Supporters tab, are gone (the links are still there, but  the words are gone):




This is not the first time they've made this mistake. I do hope that it is just a mistake....


Best regards,


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Um, yeah, there are some issues, for sure. Different ones matter to different people, depending on a whole host of factors, including browsers, devices, connection speed, user eyesight, what parts of the site are of interest, and (mostly) the very idiosyncratic and unpredictable nature of personal preferences and peeves. (Everything from "Dear Sirs, I prefer to print the gear classifieds on my dot-matrix printer in landscape orientation, using IE 3, and I find myself unable get that to work to my satisfaction" to "Dudes, I cannot believe you all aren't supporting 4D vibra-sound on the new Motorola Saggy Pants virtual helmet display that already went to pre-production last week.")


As someone who has experience with the challenges of trying to build and maintain web applications that have thousands of users, I can tell you that you can never fix all the bugs, and you can never satisfy everyone with your features. There are always things that can be made better, and forward steps are always accompanied by occasional backpedaling, necessary or accidental. If you find yourself mentally comparing this site with some really major, high profile site that is slicker and more user-friendly (eBay, Amazon, Netflix, etc.,), it's not a fair match-up. Those sites have hundreds or even thousands of people working all day every day at high wages to do nothing but achieve that level of usability. Tens or hundreds of millions of dollars are spent yearly, doing just that work on each of those sites.


I don't want to diminish or pooh-pooh the real frustrations that we all have with this site from time to time, such as the way the editor has developed a new habit of stripping out all my hard paragraph breaks (<p>) when I do a preview. But just for balance I want to give a shout out to Nolo, Cirquerider, and the others who step up and keep this operation running every day, regardless of skin. It's a great service. Thanks!


- q (whose last ski day until next winter is probably tomorrow.)

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It appears that there's some support for changing the contrast level on our skin to be more like Head-Fi. I will go ahead and make the request. 

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My old eyes hate the low-contrast blue & white so I returned to classic.

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I prefer the CURRENT skin to the Head-Fi skin.  It took me a while to get used to, but I don't like the Head-Fi skin unless it's an alternative to the skin I'm not using.  Which I originally thought the proposal was, or I would have joined in sooner.  As I re-read it, you're talking about going to NO CHOICE of skin, right?  I guess I want to change my answer from "don't care" to I like what we've got.  I didn't care when I mis-read the original posts and thought it was going to be an alternate.

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So, there are thirteen votes for the head-fi skin and ten statements in this thread (this post included) that the current classic skin is preferred over both of the skins that have been included in the poll.  Is the classic skin still not an option?

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