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What is a good free video editing software that I can get?

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Right now I am using Windows Live Movie Maker, but it does not have a lot of features that I would like. Does anyone know of a free program that  could use, I say free because I generally like to spend my money on better filming/skiing equipment. Thanks for any answers. 

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Thanks, that program works wonderfully. :D

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Your welcome. Now let's see some ski vids :-).

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I just downloaded that today....  I like it a lot!  Nice suggestion.  I have Sony Vegas, but I'm just too stupid to use it.  VideoPad is very intuitive.  Thanks.

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Has anybody checked this out?







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Here is a first attempt, I know it is not that great, we defiantly did not get enough footage, I am currently working on a second one that has way too much footage. But yeah, for anyone that might want to see some armature ski vid for some reason here ya go.

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Thanks,always good to have a crash in there~good times.

Here's a short clip w/ a goggle cam.



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I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for. If you're wanting to do something quick and painless, free may work. I do professional editing with Adobe and Apple software and couldn't be happier. I also hear that Pinnacle makes good software. 

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I downloaded VideoPad tonight.  Very nice in layout, easy and intuitive.  First DVD I burned wouldn't play anywhere.  Second one had to be fished out of the drive with a paperclip and needlenose pliers.  I hope the drive isn't gorked.

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After many attempts, this program just won't burn a DVD.  I was successful at making a .wmv file out of it, so I can probably burn a CD off it.  The actual file is really grainy; I might have to see what kind of tweaks the program will allow in terms of resolution.


My DVD drive survived.

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is it free like completly free and no watermark file?

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It's the APP that makes one Operating System better than the other - everytime
No APP can touch this for VIDEO, Music, Pics and text
All cel phones can now shoot video. This Apps latest features make good use of those capabilities.
Video cataloging is completely different from Pictures. There are many segments in a video that may need explaining; from the perspective of shooter. RAW video doesn't include the whole story. And you can seldom verbally explain things on the fly. So large text with the video is the answer. It's easy to skip the text to just watch the video.
Being able to randomly sample these video segments helps keep you in touch with your digital info.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzULqlf8598  See this slow motion and catalog demonstration on youtube.
The Time-Line Playback method requires no editing; so you only have the original videos to catalog. No mess of tiny video snippets cluttering up your computer.
What a powerful training / teaching tool this app is.
--- sharing knowledge is what teaching is all about ---
http://forums.thedailywtf.com/forums/t/13917.aspx   A thread titled "Nobody shares knowledge better than this"
The thread goes on for over 2500 replies. Everything you need to know about control and access to your digital data is there.
When you have lots of data you need to randomly sample it now and again to stay in touch. Video without comments quickly lose their relevance.
Super Large font (48 point and more) makes it possible for those with impaired vision to read...
With the above link you can download test video, along with the control file and FREE MultiMedia Application
This app works on Windows and Linux systems (and most likely the Mac)
Over 2800 videos up on YouTube under SpectateSwamp So I know VIDEO

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Originally Posted by Erin Sun View Post

well, there's no such thing in the world that's free and perfect for your demands...

Windows Movie Maker is good, only for video editing newbies...

If you want more in making videos special and unique, you may consider spend less than $100 to purchase good video editing software. There's one user friendly video making software especially good for you names ShowBiz, costs $79.99. You can download the free trial version to have a try. 

Should be plenty of free stuff around nowadays. I can't even remember the last time I paid for software, must be back in the 1990s.



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On windows movie maker are u able to publish to YouTube
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I use GoPro Studio. It's free and I've never had any problems with it. Don't rely too much on the editing software to make your videos great. Shoot good raw content and its very easy to make good ski edits.
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Hi, I am a ski lover too. I usually use these free mp4 editors to edit my ski videos. Like using windows live movie maker, they are very easy to use too. And they have different features for editing videos. If you have interests, you may go and try!

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