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I've been looking to get a pair of front side carver skis to add to my quiver and have been looking at all of the various options out there.


One thing that surprises me is the lack of information and postings on the Solomon 24 Hr line of skis.  Solomon's race team appears to have done well on the FIS circuit this year and the magazine reviews gave Solomon's Enduro ski and the 24 hr skis positive reviews. 


But based on a search of this forum and other forums there is a lack of posts/information about Solomon's on-piste skis - they simply have not caught on with skiers.


I had a pair of 2008 Tornado's that were good for the Greens and Blues, but lacked edge grip on the blacks and got wonky at higher speeds but I've heard that the new skis have much better edge grip and stability at speed.


So, before I make a decision on a new pair of front-side skis that may be used for the occasional fun race/NASTAR course run, I'm perplexed by the lack of interst in these skis.  Are these skis really that bad or has Solomon simply forgotten to market these skis?


Are there any Solomon 24 Hr and/or Crossmax fans out there?  Are these skis any good?