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Boot/Binding Lift.....

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Never have really put a ton of though into it, but what is the general consensus on lift? More is better? Is ther and ideal amount?

Curious to hear everyone's opinion.....
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All my skis but one have plates/lifts.   Incidentally the one that does not is the easiest and most fun to ski, I feel much more in touch with the snow.   But for racing and sharp angles, the lifts may be what prevent you from booting out..so, it may be a necessity like it or not.

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Everything I am skiing on on now has the marker piston plate with the thick one piece binding shims... I have a pair of dobermans that have the factory plate and then I stacked a power axe plate on top of that and I can say it is a scary ski but I cannot say there is a huge difference with just the original plate....
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Currently prefer flat skis with lightweight bindings screwed right down to the ski, with no plates.

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