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Head World Cup ti for NordTheBarbarian

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Hi. I called the shop in Everett, unfortunately all they have is the Head World Cup Ti, not the softer slalom carver model. They do have my size though (160 and 155), but do you think this ski is going to be too much work when skied out of the gates? I want a ski that likes groomers at moderate to fast speed, yet isn't so overpowering that I can't do slower-speed drills on. If so, I can always go with a P50 SL or 9.16, both of which they have in stock in my size as well. Thanks for the tip!
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Also, here is a pic of the 2003 skis that the guy is selling. He says they are the non-ti version (race carver), not the iSL, but they look like the iSL to me.

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there isn't a Head slalom race carver, just the 2002 World cup SL or 2003 iSL. The Race Carver I was refering to is the either the 2002 Head Cyber World Cup. You would ski a 170 or 175. Its the ski in between a GS and SL ski. Good for either event. A bit more versatile out of thre corse than the race skis.
If you are really after a slalom ski the 2002 Head has more sidecut than the atomic 9.16 or the volkl and it probably more versatile. I had the Atomic 9.16 last year it's a good ski.

Those skis on ebay look like the iSL but since you can't see the whole tail you can't see the model name. ask the seller for a photo of the ski tail. It could also be the iRACE which is the 2003 version of the Cyber world cup race carver.
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Thanks for your help. Do you know if the 2001-02 skis require Tyrolia bindings specifically (I have heard that they do and also that they don't). It sounds like for my needs, the 2001-02 Slalom Ti may be the way to go, as I already have a GS ski that ended up being super versatile (K2 Mach G) and doubles as an all-mountain ski.
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The ski I showed you a picture of is the iSL, it is probably too long in 170 for me. 160 is probably more appropriate.

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The 2001-2002 Head slalom ski is available with and without the riser plate. Call the store and check which ones they have. The pre-installed plate only accepts the tyrolia bindings.
You will need a riser plate with those skis.
The tyrolia bindings work well for me. In my opinion better than the Atomic bindings.
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