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Fischer length/width

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I currently own the Fischer World Cup RC (175) and may be replacing it next year.  I really like this ski and will probably get the newer version but since Fischer has increased the width by about 5cm does it make sense to go with a slightly shorter ski (170)?  The shortest version used to be 170 but now it's 165, so is that Fischer suggesting that a shorter length is recommended?


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Regardless of what they suggest, I would advise against getting a shorter length, unless you only ski on well groomed smooth snow or at low speeds.  Extra length is much appreciated when skiing fast over more challenging terrain.  It's not only about float.


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I'm just trying to imagine how burly a WC RC with 5 extra centimeters in width would be.

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Should that read Millimeters?  ;-)

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They're adding about 5mm to the Progressor series and renaming it.  I haven't heard if that's effecting the RC's or not.

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Should that read Millimeters?  ;-)


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the 2011 Fischer WC RCs are 71 mm wide as opposed to the previous 66 mm.  I guess the figure those few who aren't going to jump on the wider is always better for everything bandwagon will want to get the GS ski.


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Sorry, I did mean mm, not cm.  I realized my mistake as soon as I hit the send button.  I thought you guys would probably bust my chops but thankfully you were kind.  That would indeed be a beefy monster.  Thanks for the responses.

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