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Vail 10-16th Trip Report

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Last week was one great week to be at Vail, though any day at this place is special, well except maybe for saturdays.


I arrived in the Lionshead parking garage at 2:45 PM on sunday the 10th and made the quick change and hit the gondola.


On the snow by 3:05 PM and head over to the 2 chair for all the skiing I can do in 1 hour. Looks like about 4-5 inches on the exposed


and twice that in the trees. The obSETHeds have been dialed in to their final micro-adjustment, be warned.


Clipped a branch and drew some blood, but other than that a fine session.


Load up the fridge at the City Market and dine alone on D-Giorno and beer.


Monday the 11th is a bluebird day, so I'm in line talking with Instructor Dave and the next thing you know we hit the POW for the next


3 hours and 45 minutes. Avanti for starters, then over to Challenge, up the 3 chair to somwhere in Sundown Bowl between Ricky's


and Mornigside. The lower the better in almost perfect boot-deep and dry. Blur of POW from there.


Dave takes off to meet his family and I need a run a Shangri La Woods run. On the way out, that's when it happened. I got hit by a


Humpback Whale and crashed on the backside of this 8 foot wind/treewell thing. Thought I had broke my leg as my right ski got


me just above the boot cuff. No cigar! But I had to make repairs back at the condo. So off for ice and damge control.


Lucky for me that all the damge was above the cuff and real swelling at the tongue. WHEW!!! Close one!

VAIL COLORADO APRIL 2011 004 (Medium).JPG                          

Finished patching up and drove over to Beaver Creek and skied easy and had sushi at the Foxhut.


Totals for the morning session was 24k+ vertical ft. and over 28k for the day.


I'll post more on the trip as 8 from my group showed and 10 from our bros in the Keystone/Wisconsin  came up.


I think we got most of them in this pic at Garfinkel's.VAIL COLORADO APRIL 2011 075 (Medium).JPG

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Chapter 2.

Managed to get 6 days and 1 hour of skiing for a total of 149,585 ft of vertical on the Mix.


I messed up quite a few pics with exposure compensation, too bright, so I'm collecting from my buddies.


A few  of the better ones. Joe bends the MojosVAIL COLORADO APRIL 2011 029 (Medium).JPG                        


Dick does the 3" shuffle.VAIL COLORADO APRIL 2011 046.JPG

Yep, a mask. Between the bluebird days and the winter days our faces took a beating.VAIL COLORADO APRIL 2011 036 (Medium).JPG

More later.

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Chapter 3.

Thursday found the original 3 Hog Squad members skiing schweet POWDA in stashes like Hairbag Alley, Gandy Dancer, North and South Rim.

L-R Snokat, Joe and Pete.VAIL COLORADO APRIL 2011 050 (Medium).JPGPete and I have matching obSETHeds 189s w/ Schizos. A piece of heaven in the woods.

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VAIL COLORADO APRIL 2011 049.JPGJust testing to see which aspect is best for posting.

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A few more pics.

The trees and the usual stashes had all the snow we needed to make for a great trip.VAIL COLORADO APRIL 2011 028 (Medium).JPG Dragons Teeth almost buried at Two Elk.          

Ironmask with the goods..VAIL COLORADO APRIL 2011 061 (Medium).JPG

VAIL COLORADO APRIL 2011 066 (Medium).JPGNamed after my wife.....maybe?

VAIL COLORADO APRIL 2011 068 (Medium).JPGDid I mention exposure compensation?

VAIL COLORADO APRIL 2011 084 (Medium).JPGThe last night at Bully's was a blast, even the teens had fun.

Thanks to all who made it, sorry for those who didn't, and apologies to any Bears I failed to call......we were as busy as last weeks Bear gathering splitting off into groups for skiing, partying and dining.

Grateful that Dawn didn't have too serious a concussion, she had a backside head bang without a helmet. We chilled at mid-Vail while the patroller conducted his exam and then downloaded her to town.

On a final note, we were all amazed as to how dead the town was during the week, the mountain was empty. Shangri La trees at the end of the day on saturday was a real treat, nice to end the season with freshies at 3 PM.. It snowed all day then stopped in the last hour as we did laps and raced the patrollers who were closing China Bowl. Thanks for holding the ropes and skiing down with us, whoever you are, your expression was priceless. A BIG TX.


Sweet dreams!


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I've never skied Iron Mask when it was untracked like that. Interesting.

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Iron Mask ?


I hear it happens once after every snow storm

But then,   Lover's Leap might capture your attention first.  Cornice and all.....


Your turn is coming  ;-)

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Big snow year for Vail. Channel 8 was touting it as the second biggest year on record with 505" being the all-time high. They might still see a new record with the 9" they got yesterday.


Yep, the cornice was as big as I have ever seen there, maybe a 10-15' drop-in.


The drop-in was sweet with the best snow right under the lip, a bit more chowdery halfway down.



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Nice TR!  Yeah, it was a big year.  524" season total, which did break the all time record.  Can't wait til November.

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More Iron Mask.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          April is the second snowiest month up there, the storms appear like magic.

I have a "ski the month of April @Vail" trip on my bucket list, just have to drive out with the dog and wife......

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I haven't been to Vail before but I'll be there next season... where is this exactly?

Originally Posted by snokat View Post



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Blue Sky Basin

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