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F10/12 for 2012

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Anyone know what, if anything, Marker is doing to update/correct its Tour series for next season?

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Long thread over at TGR on this. 

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Yeah, but no one seems to know what's happening next year. I really like the concept of this binding, and since I've already got the Baron crampon, I'd save a bit buying an F12 rather than a Freeride Pro, for example. But not really interested until they resolve that front pivot. I know three guys who have these, one of whom broke his off first day out. Those aren't great odds.

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Nope, not what you'd want far from home. I talked to a guy in a shop that handles these, said no word from Marker on any changes next season. Had not heard of any issues. I suspect it's not as common as biased sample hereabouts. Welcome to modern multinational land: Products altered on the corporation's schedule, based on competition, recovery of costs, rather than consumer need or product performance. (Unless of course like Salomon you get enough adverse publicity from catastrophic failures.) I'd assumed I'd own a pair of these by now, but am looking at Plums + next season's Lookfits instead. 

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I'm thinking about just getting another pair of Barons. I love them, own the crampon, and slog anyway when I tour. 


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