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Jake and Elwood tame the beast

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Saturday started out with me picking up my brother Jake who had just gotten out of Joliet. We headed for Killington, VT, the Beast of the East. Jake was confused about the lack of runaway straps. Once that mystery was cleared up I explained why his new skis had a parabolic shape. Jake had been behind bars for a long time. "What happened to the Caddy?", he asked. "It was replaced with a Subaru", I replied. "What's a Subaru?", he asked. Jake will need to time to assimilate....


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You ride like you're on a mission from God.

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Classic reprise!  Jake and Elwood have been spoted on the hill before.


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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post

You ride like you're on a mission from God.

Yeah, I get that a lot.....


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Killington may say it is the "Beast" and trademarked the name but who gives a whoeey what K-mart says.  The Beast is BerkshireEAST.


"K-mart" is a much better moniker as it implies mass-produced mega commerce.



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