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What length Volkl

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Hi, I'm an advanced skier 5'10", 145lbs. Sking 177 Head Monsters IM82's but looking ahead. Thinking about Volkl Mantras. Dawg says the 170's are a lot of "fun" and the 177's mean bizness. You wouldn't think 2" make that much diff (don't go there) but apperently it does. So.....I'm 68, thinking do I want a fun ski or a bizness ski. I want to keep skiing the chutes and pow. The question is, will the 170's be too much of a compromise?  Thx, AT

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I'd think the 170s would be fine at your size, but you could just demo both and see which you prefer.



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I'm 5'9" and 160lbs. I ski the 170s and they're plenty of ski. I believe (and could totally be wrong here) that the Monsters are a softer ski than the Mantras. So, you might enjoy the shorter length in the stiffer ski.


In terms of the pow, the Mantra has a wider shovel and is wider underfoot, so it should float you just fine.


Not sure if this is a consideration at all, but the 170 has an 18.2 TR whereas the 177 has a 20.3 TR. Your Monsters have a 17.7 TR (at the 172 length). So, either way, you are going to a larger TR. Is that going to make a difference for you?

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the difference between the 170 and the 177cm goes further than the length of the ski. the longer ski will be heavier and stiffer as well, and there is the difference between fun and bizness. Dawg know the business; you can go straight off what he says (or he wouldn't say it).

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I would go with the 177's. I'm 5'10" and 160. Have skied the 184's (or are they 186?), which were just a tad too long. the 177's would be perfect.


As others have said, try them both (but 170 is really short and you'll look like you're using your daughter's skis).

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Thx folks, I'm demoing the 7's to see how they feel. Or I may just track down another pair of Monsters. They've taken awfully good care of me.

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