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Alpine Meadows, CA - 04/17/2010

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Not much to say about this day of skiing. It started out bluebird and stayed mostly sunny for the duration of the day. Some clouds and wind could roll through every so often, but it generally stayed pleasant and mild. It wasn't very cold last night so the snow didn't freeze overnight. I use to think that would be a good thing, but all it really meant is that the snow was already soft before the lifts even started turning. It went from corn to slush perilously fast. That said, we lapped the Roundhouse Lift a few times then headed up the Summit lift to Alpine and Wolverine Bowls. We didn't even bother with the backside since it was getting the direct blaze of the morning Sun and determined it would probably be a mess. After Summit we headed to the Scott Chair and found maybe the best snow of the day in and around that lift.


I bought my wife some new K2 Missbehaved Skis from StartHaus that she absolutely loved skiing on today. (Thanks Jared!) I'm really grateful I put her onto those fatter skis instead of her 72mm under-foot Nordica Victories. She said that on the K2's she felt like she could ski through any crud or slush the mountain threw at her. I was a tad bit worried that she'd have trouble turning them at 169cm length and 102mm under-foot but w/ the slight amount of tip/tail rocker she was turning them with ease.


We finished the day around 12:30pm w/ burgers and beer on the base lodge deck. There's a wet and warm storm coming through tonight into Monday so I'm not sure if we'll be skiing tomorrow or not. I don't like skiing in the rain and they're staying snow levels could be upwards of 8,500ft. If we do ski tomorrow, maybe Mt Rose w/ a base elevation 8,260ft would be the best bet? It's not clear to me what the wind/visibility will be like tomorrow and how that will factor into any decision to ski. Any locals want to weigh in?


Anyways, here's a few random snaps from today:


Sunrise over Lake Tahoe from our hotel balcony:



First chair ride up Roundhouse:



Random shot of Summit chair from Roundhouse:



Another random shot:



Wife and Mom at the top of Summit with Lake Tahoe in the background:



Scott Chair:



Wife w/ her new K2 Missbehaved skis:



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Did you use the 2-for-1 Alpinizer Vouchers? (There might be some left at the guest services booth near the lift ticket booth)


You shouldda been there last weekAlpine Meadows April 9 2011 003.JPG

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Rose should be as good as any tomorrow.  I think there is a special ticket deal for Mondays as well

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