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Help me choose some skis

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Hi, I need some advice please.

Ski just 1 or 2 weeks a year in Europe, mainly on piste, intermediate standard & not very confident. Tend to do sharpish turns & am not really very fit frown.gif

5,8" and 165lbs.   Until 4 years ago I ski'd on whatever the hire shop suggested, then for 3 years I used Head big easy blades, this year I have used some

s/h Solomon 140cm streetracers & got on OK with them.

Now want to get something better but really need some advice, over to you smile.gif

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Welcome to Epic...I would consider demoing multiple skis the next time you go to see which feel the best before buying.  I am not that familiar with good intermediate skis, so will let others recommend which models to look at. 

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Hi - There are a host of good skis out there. Look for something that will serve you as an intermediate but can grow with you if you decide to take some lessons. Which I'd recommend strongly. Also, before you worry about skis, think about your boots. Are you satisfied with them? Are they snug and responsive? Boots are generally more important to good skiing than skis.


As far as the skis, through, for a lighter skier that skis on-piste in Europe, I'd say something in the low 70 to 80mm waist range, middle to high 160 cm lengths. Try to demo some of the following (American names, may vary for Europe): Dynastar Contact Cross, Blizzard Magnum 7.6, Salomon Tornado Ti, Fischer Motive 80, Rossignol Avenger 76 Ti. These are wide enough to handle a bit of crud or chop you will run into, but bite nicely in ice. 

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I will give a thumbs up for the Blizzard Magnum 7.6. I am pretty sure they are wiped out for this year but I could be wrong. I am an advanced lighter skier and find it very lively and quick. The best thing about it is its forgiveness. This makes it good for a wide range of skiers,thus a good solid ski to grow with. You are pretty close in size to me,the 163 would work just fine if you can find one.Price is very reasonable also,    Dave

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Thanks guys smile.gif

I've had lessons in the past & I think my general technique is OK, biggest problem is that I don't get to ski often enough I guess, my skiing at the end of the holiday is good & then I have to start again next year!

Had some boots fitted 3 years ago & that helped a lot, will take a look at the recommendations.

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