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bindings for me?

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I have recently  bought a pair of armada jj 175.  I don't know what type of binding is best for powder, tree runs, etc.  I am also starting to get more into touring, however i'm not sure if i would find a huge difference on reg. terrain skiing with a touring binding?  any suggestions from anyone on bindings they have on there jj's or would suggest i try out would be greatly appreciated.  thanks

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If you do want to tour on them and still have good downhill performance you can look at the Marker Baron/Duke or Marker Tour 12 setups.  


Otherwise there are multiple good bindings from all of the major manufacturers- Look/Dynastar/Rossi, Head/Tyrolia, Marker, Salomon.  I've most recently been on mostly Marker Griffons or Tyrolia bindings and haven't had any issues with either.

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thank for the help

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One thing for you to consider, that I don't need to worry much about any more, is how easy is it to get them on when you are in deep snow, and more importantly get them off when you are hanging upside down from the skis in a tree well.  My old Tyrolia 490 (all-metal) could easily be released by pulling up in the release lever with little force required; my new Tyolia FF17+ needs you to push down hard on the release lever (or have strong legs and kick them off).


Obviously I'm partial to Tyrolia race bindings, but I also like Solomon and Look, and believe it or not, I've yet to experience any misbehaviour from my Marker Comp 16s (though I've read much about Marker pre-release tendencies).  I'm a curmudgeon and most modern bindings have too much plastic and not enough good old-fashioned metal in them IMHO. 


As regards DIN scale, I advise getting the highest DIN binding that still allows you to line up your Chart setting in the window.


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