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Best skis for me?

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Since demoing a pair of 185 cm Armada JJs, I have been set on leaving my skinny, short park skis where they belong, in the park.I skied them out west in a wide variety of conditions, and was impressed by them everywhere. However, I felt that $800 for them was a little steep, and I am now looking at the JJs and a variety of alternatives. I am 6'2", 220 lbs, and a strong skier. I want a ski that rips all over the mountain, in any conditions. I like a playful ski with lots of pop, and I like to ski switch a fair amount. After taking the JJs off a few 15-20 foot hucks, I found them just fine for landings, with tail rocker not being much of an issue. I even played with them in the park. Right now, I am torn between the JJs, the Atomic Bentchetlers, the 4Frnt CRJs, Salomon Rocker 2s, and Line Mr. Pollard's Opus. Am I missing any skis, or do you have any advice?

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Lots of skis in this category these days. You might want to check out websites for Moment, Praxis, ON3P, Blizzard, Volkl, Rossignol, Fischer, K2, Ninthward...damn near everyone has something to offer.

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The pollards opus is my personal favorite. its poppy as hell.

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