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Greg Stump 4-pack $25

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You know you need it. Order it. If you are really crazy for Stump flicks, you can get Raiders of the Lost Archives too. I just did.

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Nice. How are his other films? I have "Skiers Guide" and "Siberia" which are both... meh. My VHS copies of License, P-Tex, and Blizzard are all pretty worn, however.

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Well, if you don't have Groove Requiem, you need that one. Probably the best of the bunch.

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Groove is currently playing on The Ski Channel**. The whole thing is pretty damn good, but the last segment with Scot Schmidt and a boarder ripping it in Alaska is worth the price of admission alone! ;-)


The next to last segment in Groove is the filmed version of this...




**The Ski Channel likes to hide. It's buried in a "Sports and Fitness" On Demand category on my Time Warner Cable service. YMMV.

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lol I was trying to figure out, "what's saudan couloir?!" Turns out it's the old name of Couloir Extreme on Blackcomb. 

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"Blackcomb is the location of the world famous "Couloir Extreme" run, which is one of the top ten steep in-bounds runs in the world according to Skiing Magazine. Originally called the Saudan Couloir by local skiers even before it was part of the ski area, the company eventually had to drop the name when extreme skier Sylvain Saudan complained about the unauthorized use of his name."


Saudan Couloir.jpg


Screen shot from the segment (3rd from end) in Groove on the extreme skiing competition.


The more I see it the more I agree with Epic - between the segments and the soundtrack Groove is

pretty, pretty good! Here's a nice three and a half minute taste...


Groove Requiem in the Key of Ski (Opening)

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I stumbled across a site that has a whole wad of clips in Quicktime format from different Stump films and his "World of Extremes" show...


Enjoy, then go back to the first post in this thread!


Cheers!  ;-)

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Bump for maybe the best ski movie segment ever...




And as long as we're here...



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Greg Stump's The Good The Rad and The Gnarly


Classic Ski Film from the 80's - Featuring Scott Kennett, Robert Aguirre, Scott Rawles, Geoff Stump.




Can't find a DVD, but looks like there's a digital download available here...

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