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Which type of vise?

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Gonna start tuning at home and need a vise setup. Don't have a proper workbench available, so the solution needs to be straightforward and simple. BUT.....it absolutely has to work with skis (mine, kids) AND snowboard (wife). Have narrowed down the type of setup. Don't really want a traditional vise since I doubt it'll be versatile enough or cost effective for my non-pro intent at home, so here are the options:

Grip style:
http://www.slidewright.com/toko-bench-board-grip_tk413000210.htm?cat=50 (similar style as above)

Vise Free:

Full Cinch:

Any feedback or opinions based on actual experience? I'd appreciate any help and input. Thanks!
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I bought the Toko bench board gripper vise from Terry at SlideWright.  It is non-traditional in that it is not very good for clamping on skis.  However, once I figured it out, with tips from Terry, it works well as a cinch vise.  I installed an attachment point on my workbench that sits between the two vise pieces.  I cinch the skis to this from the bindings.  This vise allows me to wax a pair of skis at one time because it is wide enough for both to sit side by side.  That makes waxing pretty fast.  This vise will also work for a snowboard because that's what it is made for.  I can't say how it will work without a real workbench though.  I suggest that you take a look at the SkiVisions tuning tool that SlideWright sells.  It is great for quickly sharpening the edges.  It won't satisfy the OCD ski tuners but it is good enough for the other 99% of us.

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Thanks. I actually decided to get the Toko Board Grip from SlideWright. smile.gif I'm interested in the cinch though, may have to look at that separately for the skis through the middle like you mentioned, I was wondering about that.

Also decided to go with a multi-tool for tuning. Heh, I'm not OCD......just a beginner at tuning and don't wanna dive in the deep end just yet. I may go there eventually, but I figure I'll start off with what I can handle.
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