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Kneissl Skis Question

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I was cleaning out the attic at my house and I found a pair of skis up there that i guess the previous owner of the house left.


They seem to be in good condition. On the skis it says Kneissl Formel Noir and 150 Tyrolia.


I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about the skis and how much if anything they may be worth.


I would appreciate any and all help.



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You FOUND a pair Kastle Formel Noir in your attic????????????????  These are EXTREMELY rare, and have sold at auction for over $25,000!



Oh wait, wait....just checked that....my mistake, those are not worth much at all.   


Seriously I dont know these specifically but....old skis are not worth much.  Now if they are real old, like they are made of wood...such that you can actually see the wood, or kind of old, such that you can see the tiny screws holding the edges on....those are worth somthing to some people, as people buy them to hang on the wall.


But since you mentioned a Tyrolia 150 Binding, my guess is these skis are from the 80s, with a plastic look.  If so, they will have virtually no resale value at all.

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Do the Tyrolias have red and white nylon straps on them with a black plastic snap closure at the end?


Those straps are worth $latte/cappucino + shipping to me.



Edit: if the Tyrolias have the _red_ plastic toepiece and the red still matches the heelpiece enamel (i.e. the dye hasn't pinked out), the combo is worth 2x$latte/cappucino + shipping to me.

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