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A-basin 2011 Mothers day??? - Page 9

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Okay ... if anyone else wants to do Loveland but not on Thursday, Christy and I will be there Friday morning before heading over to ABasin. 

Sorry, I know I have to head up to A-Basin to meet a rep. 


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I'm here! I'm here!


. . . .


Well, I'm at the airport. My excitement was premature (I hate it when that happens!). Waiting for LilaBear. As soon as she arrives, we'll be on our way. yahoo.gif

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They were both open yesterday, along w/ North Pole and skiing beautifully. biggrin.gif

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I'm sure this question has been asked... but when does Pali's and East Wall typically close? I was actually debating on heading down to Abasin for one day Mothers Day weekend.


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It's days like today and tomorrow that I get paid back for living close to the mountains.  I'm going to be itching to be up there with y'all until I can get there after work tomorrow.  Since Finn is bailing on his promise of having a beer ready for me I'm hoping someone else will step in. 

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On Friday. 8:30 at the a-frame for breakfast. Then 11:30 for lunch at the mid mountain
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Did you make it to LL today??

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Skied Abasin today because the gang was heading there.

Had a great day and looking forward to Friday


8:30 AM at the Aframe

Second meet up if you miss us in the AM,

11:30 at Mid mountain lodge.


Be there and be inspired!!

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Were you all at LL today?  I was at the Basin all morning and somehow I missed you guys and gals!  I'm Bummed!  (The snow was superior tho!)  Hope you guys had fun!!!!


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We were there Spag. Totally bummed that you missed us, and quite shocked you missed us.
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See you all in a bit ... leave the beach parking spots open for Shannon (grill) and me ... don't forget your tutus and leopard-print tights ...

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Have pics over on Facebook, need to link over. Off to the beach. 

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I left Loveland around 2pm and stopped by. Wasn't able to find you guys. The corn has been sooo good the last few days. You guys got some of the best that spring out here has to offer, though you really need to hit the backcountry to get the smooth stuff.

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