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Length/size Tested: Goode Impact 177cm

Dimensions:130/ 88 /116

Camber: Traditional / Early rise / Tip & Tail w/camber / Reverse camber/full rocker / Other (marketing "Rocker")


Environment of Conditions:

*Location of review: Winter Park/Vail

*Runs Taken: full day

*Snow Conditions: Packed

*Demo or Purchase: Demo


Summary (inc. Strengths & Weaknesses):

Do not come into this ski with preconceived notions of what Goode skis ski like, this is the "New Generation of Goode". Read about what is going on with Goode HERE.


Strengths: Torsional rigidity and light weight is what the new Goode skis are about. The Impact reacted very well on hard snow and was very nimble edge to edge. The ski does reward good technique but bigger, stronger skis could over power the Impact. I think the Impact will be great for a lighter guy or a powerful woman. 


Weaknesses: Marketing Rocker. Either you have rocker (or in this case, early rise) or you don't. Just because you say a ski has "rocker" doesn't mean it does. Heavy crud did toss the ski around a bit. 


Tuning: These skis were tuned by Start Haus with a 1/2 edge bevel and WS09 grind. 


Other skis in class: Many 88 waisted skis, Kendo, BMX88, MX88, ect



Tester Info:

Age: 47

Height/Weight: 5/10" 188lb

Average days on snow: 0-10, 11-25, 30+  (pick one)

Years Skiing: 0-5, 6-15, 15-30, 30+  (pick one)

Skis in your Quiver: MX88, Bonafide, DPS 112


Aggressiveness: Conservative / Moderate / Aggressive / Competitor (pick one)