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Quick turning / bump ski suggestions?

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I am an advanced somewhat athletic skier. I like to put down agressive quick tuns, and mostly prefer to spend my time in the moguls, as long as my knees and lungs allow it.


I'd been skiing on a pair of Rossi RocX 170s for a couple of years. A great ski if you want to be sloppy, but a little slow-turning and weak in the tail. Not a bad bump ski though...and I got them brand new for $50! However, I'd been yearning for a more-responsive ski, and I hate the weak tail on the RocXs.


I'm reasonably uneducated on skis these days - I'm from the days where flex pattern was all the marketing guys talked about. Now all I see is sidecut measurements with no mention of flex pattern, so I'm lost looking for ideas. I wanted to try a high-energy extremely fast turning ski, that was stiffer than my old boards, expecially in the tail, so I went on the hunt. I found a pair of '05-06 Atomic Metron 11ti Puls 172s (12m radius) w/ Neox rail bindings. I thought they were great, other than being too fat overall and too heavy, but I really enjoyed the geometry and flex pattern. Lots of fun, snappy, and quite good in the bumps. Unfortunately, after skiing them all of about 4 hours, one of the skis exploded under the binding mounting point during a tame mogul run. Dang. So much for explodomat Atomics.


So, I'm back on the hunt for next season and looking for suggestions. I want something with a similar sidecut to the Atomics (12m turning radius), but about 1/2" narrower overall - something in the mid-high 60's underfoot, and around a 175 length or so. I think I want a wood core (I don't think they break as easy - the exploding Atomics have me shell-shocked), a med-soft tip, med-midsection, and a stiff tail. Basically, a de-tuned very quick slalom ski that won't explode in the bumps.


I ski on a tight bugdet, so recommendations of a few years back models that I might find used or on closeout are more useful than the latest n' greatest $1000 2012-model ski.


Thanks - JayC

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Not sure where you're located, but a shop in Ellicottville NY had those same Twisters for $199.  I think its called Dekdebruns.  This is going back about a month, but might be worth a call if that's something you want. 


Back to the OP though, you won't find a short turn radius mogul ski because bumpers don't want a lot of sidecut, especially in the tail.  There is another thread on the first page here that sounds like what you are looking for.  Something about a Good Carver / Mogul ski...and there are some good options listed there.  I know you said no to $$$ skis, so you may not like my advice in the other thread about the hart Phoenix.


Alternatively, someone on here recommended grabbing some old detuned race skis in the right length and then pull the plates and remount with a decent flat binding.  The price could be right and the shape is fairly ideal...only issues would be weight (likely reduced by plate removal), and stiffer than desired tips.  If you can find some hard-used skis then the stiff tips may already be blown and more ideal for bumps.


good luck

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Whoa, pretty refreshing to see someone looking for a bump ski.  Have you looked into Hart's F 17 line?  http://www.hartskis.com/mogul.html


I know, the MSRP is outrageous, but I just did a quick search and found some 2011 F 17 WCs for $600, so you might find a 2010/09 model in your range.   Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a chance to try these out, but I've heard and read really good things.   It also seems that the vast majority of the few really good bump skiers you run into these days are on F17s. 

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A dedicated bump ski doesn't have the sidecut I want - they are all GS geometry.  I want something with half that radius.  I guess what I want is a quick slalom ski with a bump ski flex pattern.


I can relate to the suggestion of getting a pair of beat-to-death slalom skis - I remember what the shovels on my good-'ole K2 KVC 204s looked like after a few seasons of bump bashing 20 years ago.



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