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This is an amazing ski and I feel like writing a review.


About me: 5.9, 155lbs, expert skier, ski instructor, ski 30-40 days a year, I like the most to ski ungroomed terrain in variable condtions at medium/high speeds at medium/long turns.

Over the years I tried and liked: Atomic R:EX, Icelantic Nomad, Dynastar Big Trouble, Volkl Mantra, Liberty Helix, etc...


However, Huge Trouble offers a completely different game. This is a true GS ski for ungroomed terrain. Wind blown, cement, heavy powder, freeze/thaw, chopped-up, slush, large broken bumps, whatever. I found myself going much faster than I had ever tried before and feeling incredibly stable. The ski makes amazing carving turns through any kind of crap you can imagine.


It comes at a price: you really have to stay forward and relentlessly drive the skis. Out of the past, I could hear my racing ex-coach screaming at me: press forward, press this #@$!ing boot forward! The moment I relaxed, the skis would just go straight. You can't unweigh the skis and hop around - they are just too heavy and they have slow response.


The skis are made for long turns and they need at least 1-2" of some kind of snow to cut through. They don't work well on skied out and hard packed terrain. You can sort of make turns but it's just no fun. But then I was able to make GS turns on a large mogul field with everybody else skiing a pathetic zip line staying waaay behind me. I was able to increase my speed at long turns by at least 30-40%.


Another important thing: it's definitely much better to have a binding that moves back and forth along the skis. You need 1.5-2.5" range. The ski is super stiff and wide. If you move the binding forward, it's much easier to flex the ski and make quicker turns when the snow is not deep. If the snow is deeper and heavier, move the binding 1-2" back and you don't have to worry that the tips will dive as you press forward, riding an awesome Super-G arch through a 40deg snowbowl.


Best luck and enjoy long turns!