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WTF happened to my Universal Sports Account??????!!!!!!

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I just went to log in to Universal Sports to continue watching the World Cup Season (I'm only to February 6th) and it appears they removed all the seasons video and deactivated my account???  I can't log in to anything on the site.  The Password retrieval brought back no password either.  I thought this was an On-Demand service I paid $30 for???

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I don't know if this is an option for you, but when I cut the cable last fall and went to an antenna I found Universal Sports as Channel 4.2 (I think it's CBS's 2nd channel). I never knew there were sub-channels and had a lot of fun being able to record races on my hard drive and watch them whenever I had time. If you get decent reception you might pick up an antenna at Radio Shack and try it. It doesn't have to be expensive; mine was about $40 and I get about 30 channels. 1/3 of them are Spanish language channels, but still, that's more TV than I need.

Here's a website that can give you an idea of the signal strength of stations in your area:

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This is just the latest iteration of their truly abominable interface/website/service/management.

This happens about on a regular 6 mos cycle.

They 'redesign' their website/service and it becomes a nightmare for premium paying customers.

They seem to hire the absolute worst possible web designers and programmers and support them with the worst possible customer service, overseen by the most inept management - in a word - major clusterfuck.


Now, not only have they fucked up the customer logon, but have succeeded in making their entire site and event menu and process for finding something even more labyrinthian, convoluted and even more error ridden - its incomprehensible that anything could get this badly screwed up.

I've written them another scathing email, but don;t expect much, since obviously their site is now inundated with angry users and their bandwidth on their support side is at an absolute crawl.

As much as I luv'd having full access to the WC and the full, unedited raw video of the entire races, I don;t think I'll re-up when next season comes around. It's just toooo much of a hassle to deal with Universalsuck.

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Wait, what happened to all those free videos of Americans and then the top 4 of each event???  Is free after-event re-streams of alpine skiing never again going to be free?


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Well Universal Sports solution was for me to go back through my old emails (back to October I think), and find my activation emails.  Click through and re-register.  I did that, but all the old easy to access to the videos were still gone.  I found another back door into watching the videos, but the video player is completely changed.  it's now on the left side of my screen and smaller.  Sort of like at the beginning of the season when it had that annoying banner ad on the right side, only there's no ad, just a small screen on the left.


Universal Sports sucks.

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seems my reminding them of their prior ongoing problems got some fast action, at least in getting my account straightened out.

their new site is still problematic - content doesn't display fully, listings fall short of many recent files/videos, and the file organization is downright archaic. The std player size seems downsized, but full-screen is still available.

They have problems with some initial js scripts which attempt to run during a video load and halt the presentation in the latest Firefox browser 3.6.16

as for 'free' content, don;t expect much except for some short and inadequate clips

The new site in many ways is a step backwards for clarity and user ease.

oh the wonders we can expect in the next version, 6 mos from now...

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