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Nordica doberman heat moldable?

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 Hi guys,


After cracking plastic shellon Nordica hotrods, Nordica sent me a doberman spitfire 120 boot last year.

I skied on them aprox 60 days & the outside of my foot right behind little toe is sore & a little swollen.( side of ball of foot on little toe side) I never had these boots heated to mold to my feet should they have been heated. I skied about 50 days with no problem then broke a ski & skied on ice (more vibration) with a ski with a higher delta angle then used to for a few days & got a sore foot. Since then put a plate under front binding but foot still tender & can feel pain when skiing. (often aft balance accelerating out of turn I ski very aggressive) The season is over now but for next year should I get these boot liners molded to my feet or are they even heat moldable? (never heat molded them yet)  Is it best to get them done now or wait closer to ski season. I might have had the bottom 2 buckles to loose because often they come undone on me & have almost zero tension. I took the foot beds out from day one skiing on them that came with boots & replaced them with superfeet wich I skied for several years in hot rod & had no problem.


 If I do up buckles a little tighter the liner might fit a little closer to a larger area of foot but also might but more presure against side of foot. I could also get the liner heat molded if its moldable ( if it is should it be done every year) or the side of the shell punched out. I use hot chile ski socks that fit properly & my foot feels no presure points in boots except on little toe side if I lean back a little. My foot has almost zero movement in boot less then 1 mm if I try to move it to the best of my ability but can not sense it moving ever when skiing.

 What do you guys recomend

 Much appriciated




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after the 1st day that you skied in these the liner has self moulded as much as it would with having them heated, the following 59 days are just improving the liner but heating them will do nothing that hasn't already happend with you skiing

maybe the shell needs a small grind or punch around the lesser toes but difficult to say without seeing the foot in the shell

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Thanks CEM


 Now Iam starting to wonder if it is my ski boots. I do a lot of cross country skiing also & ever since I bought new XC ski boots on both feet while skiing accross the ball of foot from big toe to little toe the bottom of my foot gets sore from pushing off when striding but @ same time started skiing with bindings with differnt delta. Several weeks latter I feel presure point on side of little toe ball of foot. Yet I have been skiing for aprox 40 years & never had a problem with a presure point being there but have had them on side of little toe. I can take my boots to Gords in Winnipeg that is supose to specialize in setting you up in ski equipment (skis boots bindings) that meets your needs does boot fitting but Iam somewhat concerned about taking them there because when I asked if they had a campbell ballance tester for centering bindings on skis they did not know what it was. I told them I wanted to mount bindings based on BoF on center of running surface or use the campbell balance tester they said it is always best to mount based on manufacters recomendation. Should someone trust a shop for boot fitting if they have no understanding of positioning bindings on skis ?

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