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A ton of stuff for sale and trade

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Spring cleaning and some gear optimization for Europe next year...
I'll trade for: B&D leashes, a compressible puffy (Patagonia Nano Puff, for example), and more technical shell pants (size Medium) that will be plenty waterproof for everyday skiing but light enough for touring.
Praxis Powderboards, 185cm with Salomon STH 12s. The original camo, matte topsheet that doesn't chip much. I bought these earlier this year and used them about 8 times in deep powder only, so I didn't add any damage. The previous owner skied them for 50 half-days. There's an old core shot right underfoot that was fixed really well and definitely doesn't affect anything. Otherwise, the bases and edges are very good. Some topsheet chipping, but nothing major. These things are indestructible. Mounted for STH 12 for both 295 and 327mm, so between those two mounts, they should fit pretty much BSL for Sollys without needing more holes. The STH 12s are also camo and have been used about 10 times. Nearly perfect shape and have brakes that easily fit the Praxis. Once again, I'd rather not sell these, but I just won't be able to take them to Europe next year.
$280 + ship with the bindings included. I'd rather not split but may do so.
Next, Garmont Shaman boots, 28.5 mondo, 327mm BSL. Used about 50 days by me and about 25 days previously. Never had any work done to them, so you can customize all you want. They're just too big for me. They only have the alpine DIN soles. Powerstrap has only been used the original 25 days since I used a Booster Strap. A bit scratched up and the soles certainly don't look new, but nothing really wrong with them.
$40 + ship.
~88mm brakes for Railflex II. Barely used, work perfectly.
$10 + ship.
Local pickup is in LA or Mammoth. Please feel free to ask for more pictures and/or detailed description.

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Wanted to mention that I bought some Head skis from Skeeze (in an earlier version of this posting) and they were shipped promptly and were in better condition than I expected from the pictures and description. 


I would buy the Praxis Powederboards listed here based on this experience if I had any way to justify another ski (currently sitting at one for each day of the week). 

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Thanks SB77! I know you won't probably get to ski the Powderboards again this year, but if you buy them now, you'll have them for the first powder day next year! Don't worry about rocks with these, either. I have hit plenty of rocks with various Praxis Skis and I never even came close to getting a core shot. They're universally viewed as one of the most solidly-made skis in the world.

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Bump for price drops and not wanting to put this stuff in storage over the summer.

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