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Please help my daughters big feet!

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I have a 15 year old daughter who is a nationally ranked mogul skier and competes out of Alberta at a high level. Problem is that we cannot find boots that fit properly and it is killing her feet. She has a ladies size 10 foot and a very wide forefoot (same as her Dad!). We do have access to a very good bootfitter and he has spent a ton of time working on her boots, but she still gets tremendous pain along the outside of her foot, from the small toe all the way down to the mid foot. The irritation gets so bad, she can't even touch the outsides of her feet after a day of training. She does have footbeds in her boots. Our fitter has blown them out numerous times over the year, both sides, cut the liners,....but no real progress.


A few years ago, she skied in Solomon Kaos, and they were OK for comfort, but simply did not provide the support she needed in the moguls. She was put into a pair of the Nordica Enforcers, and these are the ones that have been blown out many times with no luck.


Other issue is that she often gets toe bang from the mogul jumps and usually loses the toe nail every year. This has always been a problem.  


Really need to help her solve these issues, but not sure anymore how to proceed. Boots always feel OK in the shop, and it is not until she skiis hard in them for a day that she really starts to feel the pain. She is getting to the point where her feet issues will impact her training.


It would be great if you can offer any advice on how we can proceed. Boot type, moldable liners, shims, .... let me know if you can suggest a direction that may help us resolve this.


Thanks a bunch!

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the only direction i can point you is to a really good fitter, you say her current boots have been punched several times and the liners cut and that she has footbeds


something is not working here and we need to establish why, it may be that her foot is really really wide but even that would generally have a marked improvement with all the work that has been done, what is the shell check like in the boot, is it too big? if so she may be sliding around which will cause the problems or is it something else, if the boot size is correct then my gut feeling is that there is either a biomechnical issue causing the foot to abduct (turn outwards which is causing the pressure on the side) or that the footbed is just not doing the job properly (allowing the foot to pronate and slide off the side of it)


this needs to be assessed by a good fitter, or maybe just a fresh set of eyes as i think that something is missing from the picture

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I agree with CEM and have a good bootfitter re-assess the foot. You mentioned that you already are working with a good bootfitter..That is key. The lateral side of our feet do not always adapt well too change. Have your bootfitter assess the 1st and 5th rays range of motion in your daughters foot. This may help determine if the insole is helping or hurting the function of her foot. Posting on insole may have to be modified. Good Luck.........

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CEM Rules!


I agree to all the above. If the footbed is off the shelf model and not posted this is quite key. Biomechanics like pronation or fallen metatarsal arch could be in play.


Fresh eyes!!eek.gif

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alberta area?

come see Jr or myself at skistop in banff, or Lou in calgary... 


strange that the punches are not holding.   usually you can get a  boot 5+mm wider per side...


also full custom footbeds might help keep the foot in place more (so the toes stop touching the front)

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Thanks for all the advice and help. Sounds like I need another set of eyes.

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