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How many women on the patrol where you ski?

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This is pretty cool:

Members of Mt. Hood Ski Patrol celebrate girl power with women-only rescue day



This season there were 12 women out of a roster of 48 where I work.  

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We have about 25 (almost 150 patrol roster though),but the cool thing is both of our assistant PDs are women.That just goes to show the importance of their involvement.   Dave

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Mt. Hood Meadows has quite a few females on the pro patrol (including the patrol director). I'm not sure why the vollies don't have very many.

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20 Women out of 62 total on the patrol where I patrol - other interesting stats for our girls, 3 of the 20 are senior alpine, 1 of the 20 is a physician, 1 of the 3 seniors has most elements of her certified completed, 1 of the 20 is nordic/alpine and was a volunteer patroller at the 2006 Olympic games for the nordic venues. 1 of the 3 seniors is a ski examiner for the region senior exams.

Women are treated the same as men in requirement's on our patrol, I think you can see by the stats they are qualified patrollers.


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I forgot, sorry ladies; 2 of the 20 women are snowboard - and 1 of the 20 is an RN. I don't think any of the ladies are EMT's.

Oh yeh, this is a all volunteer patrol.

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8 of our 28 volunteer Patrollers are women (including me smile.gif).  2 of those 8 are snowboarders (not including me)


We all require the same training and qualifications to meet the CSPS national standard. 


I patrol at a very small hill outside of Toronto.  We only have 3 paid patrollers, none of which are women.




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Out of 60, about 15 are women.  Out of that 15, I'd say only about 6 are strong 'all-around' patrollers (ski-toboggan skills, Patrol skills, and first aid skills all strong).  Those 6, however, constitute some of the best and most dedicated patrollers we have.  The rest all have a particular skill that makes them valuable (a number are paramedics and trauma nurses and willing to hold down the Patrol room fort during a really busy day), a few are wives of more dedicated patrollers who just sort of 'help out' when they are around (and yes, there are also husbands of strong women patrollers who play the same role).


We've had a good youth influx over the last 5 years (that is, Patrollers under 40 joining the Patrol!), but almost all have been men.  IN fact, since I joined this Patrol, only one woman has joined (the same year as myself).


I don't know what to make of any of that--good patrollers are good patrollers regardless of what shape, size, Gender they show up as, we'll take 'em.





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