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I too had a QTR.

Injury 1-27-11

Surgery 1-31-11


PT started 3-17-11


My injury occured when I slipped in my driveway on some black ice covered with a dusting of snow.  My left leg went straight out while my right leg scissored under me. As my knee went beyond it's  point of no return I too heard that classic POP and my leg just above my knee was exploding in pain and heat.  I knew without a doubt this was a serious injury before I hit the ground. .  After laying in the driveway a few minutes I managed to pull myself up to the house and I continued into the garage calling for help. No way could I walk or even straighten my leg.  In a short time my wife found me in the garage calling to her for help and called the ambulance.  As you all know the visit to the ER only confirmed that I did indeed suffer a major blow and it would take a long while before I would be mobile again.


Surgery went very well just four days later.  My OS was well beyond excellent and I was amazed how little pain I had post op.  Sure I was on pain meds for a week or so and in an immoblizer for 6 weeks before PT started.  The 6 weeks of basically doing nothing but healing was long.  My wife was taking very good care of me.  She had to do all of her chores and mine too.  She wasn't crazy about shoveling snow in our long driveway.  I was very blessed to be able to sleep and rest well.  I contribute my comfort to the excellent job my OS did.  I was told by others in the operating room what a fantastic job that he did.  Talking to the OS after surgery he told me it was a major tear. I didn't like hearing the word MAJOR I guess you always want to hear "not as bad as expected"   My tendon was toltally torn from the patella.  Three holes were drilled in the patella to reattach my tendon.  My incession healled very well and continues to blend in. 


I have been to PT for 3 weeks now and my ROM is a little over 90 degrees.  It is going to take some time before the ROM is fully back but progress has been good.  I can walk with very little limp at this point and many people state "good to see you all healed".  Little do they know that won't occur for many, many months.  I can be on my feet most of the day now with no swelling and not feeling too tired.  .  I was very pleased on 3-17-11 when I was released to drive and better yet I was released to wash my car.  I am a car detailing nut so that was a big hurdle for me. 


IT is great to hear all of your stories and I can fully appreciate when you state how the knee will bend so much and then it just tighten up and comes to a halt.


I will let you know more as my rehab continue.