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Is this a good deal on these skis?

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Hello all.  I've just got back into skiing this season after about 15 years and am looking to buy my own pair of skis. I just got back from demoing a pair of K2 Rictors 174cm and I really liked them. The owner at my local ski shop told me he'd sell them to me for $500. Is this a fair deal? They are in really good shape with no visible dings on the bottom and from what I can tell the shop takes really good care of all of its rentals. I don't want to pay too much as I will probably only go skiing maybe 10-15 times a year, but I do want something that is at least decent. Would I be better off waiting for a good deal on a new pair of a different model/brand or should I jump on this deal?  Also, I would say I'm a solid intermediate skier looking for something I can grow into as I get better.

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Height, weight, what you like ski?

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Whoops, forgot to mention that.  I'm 6 ft 190 lbs and for the time being I like to ski groomers so I can work on my technique and improve.  I'm pretty solid on most blues at the places I've been to in California (Squaw, sugarbowl, snow summit, china peak) and I am beginning to try some easier blacks.

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$500 is a good price but I just did a quick Google search and found the same ski brand new with bindings for almost exactly the same price in multiple shops.


Buy them locally for $500 if you want to support your local shop, or do a search and then ask the local shop if they can do any better on the skis since they are demos.


If you like the local shop and will do business there in the future then you should probably buy from them.



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When ever Iam considering  buying a ski I like to google it & see if I can find it for sale by someone else to compare price. I always like to buy a used ski that is clean & has never been through the base destroying grinder. (which the rental shop most likely can use easily) As base becomes thinner next rock could become a core shot. I think the best value can be found in used equipment. Often the rental shops will keep track how many times a ski has been rented & will subtract x amount off price. I was told the locall hill I ski will get ride of thier rentals once 6 yrs old because  the bindings are out dated. So other hill might do same (though I think after 6 yrs binding most likely will still be good)

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