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4/6/11 PNW Magic: Not The Gathering...

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Well, during the first few days of April, I thought about trying to do a last minute trip to hit the Gathering. I really did. But then the weather people said Ullr and his pal the Puget Sound Convergence Zone might be hanging around the Cascades for a while. Notably at Stevens Pass. So what could I do?


Tuesday delivered some ungodly deep snow. But it was heavy. I mean really heavy. Then Wednesday rolled around and it was awesome. Deep. Not too heavy. Not too light. The kind of awesome Cascade snow that if you only got one first run in, you could call it a day and be happy. But we got in a bunch more than one run. Overall, one sweet day of family skiing.... 


















All these are of inbounds, no-hike terrain... The astute observer may be able to guess at certain easy access "undisclosed locations" kept that way by careful cropping. Just don't guess here  wink.gif


It is a shame that most of the local areas are winding down operations. Cascade area settled snowpacks are still mostly well in excess of 100 inches. Stevens is currently 134 at the base and 177 up top. Baker is 243 - 275.  You get the idea...


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Nice!  Great pics.  I really wish I'd been able to make it up Wednesday instead it looks like.  That snow on Tuesday certainly was... interesting.

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Take heart Spindrift, Crystal says they are staying open till mid-June. 


Great pics!  Was up at Crystal Wednesday, same stuff on a different mountain.  Lapped off of the High Campbell chair most of the day, it was very GOOD.  There was lots of sweetness and not too many people to share it with.  Lower mountain got heavy but that's okay. 

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500 This is either a True Helicopter ... or there's an interesting story behind it.

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One of our "kids" was skiing with us. That particular roller is apparently a good spot for back flips, etc. Especially with  really, really deep snow combined with how it actually  rolls down in the landing area. The light and perspective kind of masked the uphill side of the roller a bit and yielded that "skis as helicopter blades" effect... Looks almost photo-chopped, but it is not.

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Missed ya' in CO but at least you got some of the good stuff!



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 Don't tell anybody at my office but Wednesday at Crystal was good. 


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