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About me: female, advancing intermediate, reliable parallel turn on most blues and some (accidental) blacks but still defensive on very steep or bumped terrain. Starting to carve some, but on steep hills I lean towards smeared/buttered turns for speed control. Have stopped back seat driving except when I get defensive.

Symptom: After several months of a steep learning curve, a particularly painful crash, and realizing that the bruises from almost all falls were on the inside of my right leg, I checked myself by standing on flat snow and turning my femurs/knees to angle my skis to the right, and found that the inside edge of my right ski came up at a lower angle to the snow than the outside edge of my left ski. I took this as a reason for my unreliable left turn when my right turn was solid. If I didn't focus a ton of attention on my right leg and exaggerate my weight shift and angulation, such as it is, my right leg wandered, I bobbled, and I ended up over the handlebars or in a dodgy one-ski-in-the-air recovery. This seemed to be more obvious after I started getting out of the back seat.

At the bootfitter's last week, my knees were right where they should be, but when I described the symptoms he dished out the outside of my right insole. I also had a lot of heel movement, so he stuck pads around my heels, which locked them down well. I haven't been back to the shop since then and won't get there until Saturday at the earliest, but I now have a few problems, and I'd love any suggestions you might have that I could cogitate on.

First and most urgent, the outside two toes of my right foot get both numb and painful after an hour or so of skiing (it's annoying that I can get both at once!). This completely goes away 5 or 10 minutes of taking the boot off. Second, I'm now pigeon-toed on my skis, though that doesn't seem to affect my stability; I think the right ski is turning in, but I'm not positive. Third, although my left turn now feels better than my right one used to be, my right turn now skids almost as badly as the left one did before the corrections. In my left turn, I really feel my right ski edging and can pressure the tail to power out of a turn, while I have to exaggerate my movements to persuade my left ski to get a grip in a right turn.

I hope all that isn't too confusing. Any ideas?