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FS: F-Stop Satori Pro Camera Backpack

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I am selling my mint Satori pro camera backpack with XL camera ICU. No rips, no marks. All zippers and buckles work perfectly.
Here's the website: http://fstopgear.com/en/product/mountain/satori

Can't shlepp around and have to get rid of this since I just got the smaller Loka instead for my more resort oriented antics. This pack is now on eBay here: http://cgi.ebay.com/F-Stop-Satori-Camera-Backpack-/300546692833?pt=US_Camera_Cases_Bags&hash=item45f9fa96e1

Starting at $220 with a $265 Buy It Now.

Here's a couple pics:




A few more photos here: http://s89.photobucket.com/albums/k230/carvemeister/Satori/?albumview=slideshow
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No bids yet with 3 days to go.

This might be had for $220, would would be a steal!
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Does it pretty much just hold camera stuff, or can you get skins and things like that in there too? Does it have ski carry?

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There are a lot of options. This is a pretty big pack, but the camera unit is completely removable if you want to use it for whatever. You can still fit a few things in there on top of the XL ICU if you were really geared up, but the great thing is you can buy 3 smaller sized ICU's: Large, Medium and Small to suit your camera needs and fill the rest of the pack as needed.

Granted, this is sized for a pro with a lot of gear. It's a bit large for skiing, but especially for hiking with a good amount of gear it is comfortable and rides as well as any camera pack ever will. I preferred the LOKA pack for skiing and even that is a decent size for my needs. I don't have enough gear to even fill the Loka, nor would I want to ski with that filled up, but it's great for a good long hike to take photos, etc.

These guys all seem to have gone for the F-Stop packs: http://fstopgear.com/en/team/faction

You can certainly strap your skis on the sides and carry them V-style if you wanted. I did that with my Loka and they carried very securely.
You should also check these links out:

The only time I used this pack was for a carry on bag last year. I had my ski boots inside, goggles, pants, some clothing and some other gear. It weighed a ton, but I wore it around the airport pretty comfortably and it didn't pull a stitch where some bags would have ripped or felt like they'd bust at any moment.
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Realize this is a way old thread but am wondering if by chance this bag is still available?
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Long gone! Sorry. Great packs though. I now own a Loka and a Guru.
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