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Hi all.

This is my first post on epic, and of course it is regarding gear and what to choose. I have just sold my Titan Argos, and given the poor snow condition where I live, I am planning for the 2012 season instead.


My dilemma is that I never seem to be satisfied with any ski, or combination of skis I have…… I always want to try something new.  Gear junkie might be the “medical term”.  , and perhaps that is the reason, not that the skies are bad….


Profile: 45 years

Height/weight: 6`2” 211 lbs

Years on ski: 35

Number of days on ski: Varies 30-120 pr season

Level: 9


Prefers: Fast GS turns, in all conditions. Off-piste, when ever available. How much of each, depends on how good a season it is.

For 2012 I am aiming at 2 sets of skis. 1 for Big powder days and 1 All Mountain GS carver (but wide enough to spontaneously hit the backside) I mainly ski in the alps and Norway, so the typical “eastern, western” debate doesn’t come in play.


My short List so far:


Kastle MX 108

Dynastar Legend Pro 105 or 115

Støckli Stormrider Pro / or older Pro +


All Mountain GS:

Blizzard Magnum 8.7

Blizzard M-Power 8.7

Kastle MX 88

Støckli Stormrider XXl or VXL


After reading the majority of reviews on epic and other places it seems that a trend for some 2011 and 2012 skis is to soften the skies, by removing a steel/titan layer. For instance, Kastle MX 108 2011 vs 2010. I do prefer a stiff, solid ski with NO speed limit. I tend to like longer skies, and often end up with skies in 185-194 cm range. Maybe time to think twice?  Have no experience with Rocker.


Would really appreciate any thoughts you might have on my short list, and how to make it shorter.


There are sadly really slim possibilities for demoing so I must rely on my own decisions.


Best regards



My previous ski line up from 2002-2011 (pre 2002 is really”old school)


2002 Vølkl G4 198 and Dynastar STC-63  174

2003 Dynastar Intuitiv BIG 189

2004 Dynastar Pro rider 194 and Salomon GC 176

2006 Blizzard Titan Nine, 188

2007 Dynastar Legend 8000

2007 Dynastar Mythic Rider 189

2009 Dynastar Legend Pro rider 190

2010 Støckli Alinghi 188 cm

2011 Blizzard Titan Argos 186