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Mammoth - Apr 8 - MidWinter POW

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Just finished the 1st day of a 3 day Mammoth trip.

AWESOME!  15+ inches of POW on the Mtn, Mid-winter conditions in Apr.

about as dry as one can expect in the Sierras.

The whole mtn, all lifts were open from the get-go.

Fresh tracks across the whole upper Mtn.

more like 18+ in Dave's, Climax and hangman's...

SNowed a lot during the day, but almost no wind, and teens to low 20's temps

For most of the morning I had no problems finding uncut or mostly uncut faces and tree lines.


Still snowing this evening and likely into 2morrow. I'm guessing another 8 to 12 will be on the hill by morning. A little warming, but still expected to be 'winter' conditins

Mammoth has now hit the 600 inch season mark (so far...)

Get up here now!


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snowed another 12-14 last night on the mtn.

today started clear and mostly sunny, temps still in the 20's on the mtn.

today's POW felt even lighted than yesterday plus on top of what was yesterday, many upper mtn sections had knee deep.

got up early and had uncut tracks on Dave's, Chicken Huevos, Climax and Wipepout - schweet!

can I say it was better today? incredible - much better visibility until about 2 P when weather moved onto the mtn again and visibility went to zero, snow showers on the mtn...

crossin my fingers that we get another nite of snow so tomorrow is another day of frresh.

even the lower mtn stayed cold so snow was dry all the way down to the Main lodge.

did make a short excursion over to Dragon's back, skiers right of lift 9 - was good and deep in the upper section, lower section had already turned to heavy crusted crud from the sun exposure.

Gondi and CHr 23 runs were awesome all day!

poppin some more Vitamin I, I am one sore dude!

weather on the mtn looks to stay in the 20's to 32 for most of the week.

warming trend from Friday onward...

get it while its still winter.


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