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FS: Rossi GS World Cup Stock

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Not the "WC" ski, but the real deal. Laminate produced for ~C team racers (it's not bode's ski). Ski model is the Y41

Length 185, 10-15 days of use. Includes this year's race plate and 155 race bindings (6-15din).

They ski similar to a Fischer, with a slightly softer tip than tail.


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Do you have any other Rossignol race skis?
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No, I do not. I was going to go with the Y73 slalom ski, but they wouldn't let me have it and I went with fischer. I don't like their non-laminate skis at all. Sorry!
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I have the WC race stock 9S. Is this just the normal 9S but stiffer? It has the race stock stickers on them.
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If you are referring to your post below, then I am 95% sure that those are not the WC stock skis. First of all, they are 'race stock'. However, they aren't the same skis used by the national teams. Rossi has done a great job confusing people by attaching WC to their low end race stock ski.

The real sl ski doesn't use that plate. Instead you would have a VIST on there. Second, they don't have lengths listed.

It would be easier to tell if I could see a picture of them. How did you get them?
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Your right! I have seen more people with the real WC than mine. I even saw two girls about 17 on the real WC version. How would they flex them since they couldn't have been more than 130lb?

I got mine pair from a rossignol rep. Do you think the price is right? Also have you tried any of the 04 Oversize?

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One question what is a laminate ski?

On my 9S you can see all the layers, is this a cap construction?
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You are going to be tremendously surprised by this, but the laminate ski is actually the softest, roundest slalom ski I have ever skied. Softer than a K2. However, it remains very tosionally stiff, which contributes to it feeling 'soft'. It isn't a noodle, but since it holds so well the softer flex means the ski gets a lot of bend because the tip doesn't deflect.

So, it is actually a great ski for a light skier.

As for your price on your skis, I couldn't tell you. Seems about right I figure.

I don't ski rossi anything anymore. I deplore all of their skis except for the high-end race stuff. I really like these skis, but I'm selling them because I am going to ski for someone else now.
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A cap ski is one where the topsheet does down the sides and touches the edges. Laminates are where there is a separate sidewall.

I'm pretty sure that the 9s is a laminate. The 9x in its class is a dual cap/laminate construction, but the 9s is so thin I don't think they could do it.
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Neat, my is a Laminate. Mabe that is why it is a race-stock ski.
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Yeah, they are race stock... just not wc stock.

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