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Moment Sierra Skis v. Rossi S90W

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Hi everyone,


I'm looking to buy my first pair of skis! I've rented/demoed this season and was looking into buying Moment Sierra Skis which currently don't have any demos available. This past weekend, I had demoed the Rossi S90W's and really enjoyed riding them. Though this is my first season, I've gotten 14 days under my belt and have been skiing a variety of terrain, even going off-piste and down chutes. I'm not an incredibly fast skier and appreciate maneuverability when it comes to a pair of skis.


I compared specs of the two skis:





- Structure: Fibro/Metal

- Core: Wood

- Reinforcement: Zicral

- Tip Shape: Freeride tip

- Shape: Mini Cap

- Dimensions 122-92-115

- Turn Radius for 170cm: 20m


I'm looking to buy 150's. Turn radii for 170 included to give you an idea of the difference.


Has anyone ridden both of these skis? Is it totally taboo to buy a pair of ski's you've never ridden? Any suggestions on similar skis to try out to get an idea of whether or not I'd like the Sierras? Thanks for all your input!

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Best to demo when you can because the feeling of different skis is very subjective.


That said, you seem to have liked the Rossis.  (Full disclosure, I'm a huge fan of Moment, owned the first generation of Night Trains) is there some special reason you're looking at the Moments? Have you skied other Moment models? Had them recommended by someone who knows your skiing ability?


It's by no means taboo to buy skis on reputation only, but given that this was your first season I'm inclined to say buy what you know you've skied on and liked. (You'll probably buy a second and/or replacement pair of skis before long anyway.)


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Those two models are very, very different. I have skied both, though admittedly much more experience with Rossi, our family having owned 4 or 5 pairs by now, my son and I that is.


The Rossi is damp and smooth and medium flex (some might say dead, but I disagree for a 90mm ski).  They reduce vibration with the construction, creating a very comfortable feeling.


The Moment is brittle and harsh with a stiff flex.  I could not wait to get off the skis; they really bummed me out; they were poorer than my 150 day old B-Squads with beat bases and edges. Their entry into the market a scant few years ago was a super stiff model, way too rigid in its stiffness for most mortals. So of course, some kids bought it as the stiffest ski in the Tahoe region. Inexperience of the engineer is responsible for the construction of the ski, and inexperience of the skier is responsible for its popularity.  IMHO, of course.

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