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Vermont Conditions??

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Trying to fit in 1 last trip up to Vermont, but can't go until Saturday or Sunday.  I understand southern VT may be a no-go (Stratton closes this weekend, Bromley closed, Magic may be closed.)  What do things look like elsewhere?  I would probably ski Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, at best.  Recommendations? 

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6" new at Stowe last night. Rain/snow line was right at the parking lot. Over 100" at the snowstake now. Warm day time temps and freezing at night. In other words, get in your car and go.

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Yep, we got snow. It wasn't manky, wet glop either, no matter what the calendar says.


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WOW!!  Wish I had been there this week!  Looking at the forecast for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday next week shows higher temps and rain for all 3 days ... is that what your local forecasters are saying?

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